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The Thomas L. Tarr


Sch. Thomas L. Tarr, 81.55 tons, built at Essex in 1883, owned by James G. Tarr & Bro., left port August 19 on a Banks fresh halibut trip, and was probably lost in the gale of September 3, 1887.  Insured by the Boston Marine Insurance Company, $3740 on vessel and $500 on outfits. 
There were on board a crew of fourteen men, as follows:

John McDonald, master, native of West Bay, C. B.
Neil McDonald, his brother, native of West Bay, C. B.
Philip Carr, of St. Francis Harbor, N. S.
William McPherson, of Guysboro, N. S.
Patrick Psyche, of Canso, N. S., whose brother was lost in sch. Lillian Baxter in the same gale
Allen Smith of Port Medway, N. S.
John McFadden, of Lake Horton, C. B.
John McKenzie, of River Dennis, C. B.
Randall Beauhannan, of River Inhabitants, C. B.
Benjamin Crittenden, of Pirate Cove, Straits of Canso
Somes Dolliver, of Southwest Harbor, Me
John Monson, of Norway
Andrew Nelson, of Sweden
George W. Lord, cook, of Deer Island, N. B., left widow and two children


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