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The Jamestown



Sch. Jamestown, 65.55 tons, built in this city in 1876, owned by Geo. Steele, sailed for Western Bank March 31, 1887, and never returned.   Insured with outfits for $4215 by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company.  
She had a crew of twelve men, as follows:

George H. Curtis, master, a native of Maine, 55, left a widow in Kennebunk, son  in Salem
Johnston Robertson, cook, widow and tow children in East Boston
Geo. W. Hartford, a native of Georgetown, Me., widow and two children in this city
George McLeod, of Eel Cove, C. B., unmarried
Alexander McLeod, brother to George, also of Eel Cove, C. B., unmarried
John D. Matheson, of Eel Cove, C. B., unmarried
Thomas Daly, of Argyle, N. S., unmarried
Maurice Frost, of Argyle, N. S., unmarried
Bradford Deveau, of Plymouth, N. S.
Alexander Shaw, about 35, of Eel Cove, C. B.
Samuel Mitchell
Daniel Welsh, a native of Ireland, widow and three children in this city


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