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The William Parsons, 2nd


Sch. William Parsons, 2nd, sailed for Georges on November 22, 1887, and was never heard from.  She was 69.19 tons, built at Essex in 1870, owned by Wm. Parsons, 2nd & Co., and insured for $3155 by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company. 
She had a crew of twelve men as follows:

James Rossiter, native of Newfoundland, master, left widow and two children
Charles Story, cook, of East Gloucester
Peter White, of Salmon River, N. S.
Michael Hurley, an native of Newfoundland, widow and two children
Francis O'Brien, native of Newfoundland
Jacob Miller, native of Nova Scotia, widow and five children
Charles Swinson, native of Sweden
C. P. Cronfeldt, of Sweden, left three children in Sweden
William Halston, of Sweden
Fred. Hollinder, of Sweden
John Hopkins, of Maine, single
John Bird, native of Nova Scotia, single


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