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Richard Myett and John Swinson went astray in a dory from sch. Lizzie J. Greenleaf on Banquereau in a snow squall but were picked up by their own vessel after being astray forty-eight hours and undergoing great hardships.

4th - James Ryan of sch. Jubilee drowned in Pew's dock. He was a native of Port Mulgrave, N. S.

5th - Christopher Lorensen, 30, unmarried, went out in a dory fishing from East Gloucester and was capsized and drowned.

26th - Sch. Leader wrecked on the ledge to the southward of Norman Woe Bell Buoy.Four men lost. Their bodies were recovered and buried from the Church of Our Lady of Good Voyages.
Capt. John M. O'Brien, a native of St. John's, N. F., and his son John W. O'Brien, washed overboard from sch. Senator Frye on the passage home from Placentia Bay, N. F. Capt. O'Brien had a wife and three sons.


Sch. Mary S. Hontvet lost in one of the February gales, crew of thirteen lost.
Sch. Samuel V. Colby lost early in February with crew of eight men.
Sch. Mildred V. Lee lost in February gale with crew of sixteen men.
John Gillis, 28, having a wife and three children in this city, was washed overboard from sch. Gladstone on the Banks in a February gale. John Nickerson, 30, unmarried, a native of Argyle, N. S., washed overboard from sch. Harry G. French in a February gale.
Sch. Pinta was thrown down in one of the gales, until her mastheads were in the water, having decks swept of everything movable, checkerboards and gurry-pens swept away, main-gaff and foreboom and gaff broken, losing sails, etc. Edgar Peeples, one of the watch, was washed off the fore-gaff, clinging to the halyards, and when the vessel righted was standing on the foremast-head, having grasped the cross-trees. Captain Hynes, who was below, was knocked against a bulkhead and had his shoulder injured.

5th - Sch. Horace B. Parker was damaged by collision with pilot boat J. D. Lawlor about ten miles north of Minot's Light and had a narrow escape from sinking. The Lawlor was sunk and four out of five of her crew drowned. Sch. Atlanta was struck by a sea on St. Peter's Bank, staving her bulwarks, breading windlass bits, smashing four dories and doing other damage.

6th - Frank Penney, a native of Fortune Bay, Newfoundland, washed overboard form sch. Jennie Seaverns on the passage home from Placentia Bay, N. F. Sch. Forest A. Blackford had her planking cut by the ice in the Merrimack river at Newburyport and narrowly escaped sinking. One of Capt. Blackford's sons fell overboard but was rescued by boats which put off from the shore.

8th - In the great gale of Feb. 8, sch. Hattie E. Worcester went adrift colliding with a coaster and had her side badly chafed and rigging damaged; sch. Pendragon dragged her anchors and collided with sch. A. R. Crittenden; sch. Harvard dragged close in shore but was towed off to a place of safety; sch. Rigel lost her bowsprit by collision with another fishing vessel; sch. Elenora and Lawrence Murdock collided, the latter losing bobstay, bowsprit and knightheads; sch. Vigilant narrowly escaped going ashore at Fort Point but was towed to a place of safety; sch. Storm Knight had starboard rail and bulwarks smashed and planking stove; sloop Venus was towed to a place of safety; sch. Marblehead of Winterport, Me., anchored in the harbor, parted her anchor and went ashore at Fort Point, where she became a total wreck. The crew was saved with great difficulty. Sch. Lizzie B. Adams was caught in the Bay in the gale, anchoring two miles S. E. of Minot's Ledge Light, arriving home in the evening badly iced up.. Sch. Ralph E. Eaton anchored off Eastern Point, icing up badly and two of her crew were severely frostbitten; a tug went to her assistance and towed her into port.

9th - Capt. Caleb Hines, 50, a native of Pubnico, N. S., washed overboard from sch. Reuben L. Richardson on the passage home from Newfoundland with a cargo of frozen herring. He had a wife and three sons. Sch. Clara F. Friend wrecked and crew of twelve men lost.

10th - Angus McEachern of sch. Ralph F. Hodsdon fell from the New England Fish Company's wharf, striking on the vessel's real and falling into the water but was rescued in an exhausted condition and with his shoulder dislocated and a cut over the eye. John Dillon was knocked overboard form sch. General Cogswell by the fore-sheet on the passage from Newfoundland, but was rescued by his shipmates after having been in the water three-quarters of an hour.


John Dixon one of the crew of sch. A. R. Chrttenden died at sea in March.

2nd - James Everett of sch. Briganza cut his finger while cleaning fish, and going to the lee rail to wash off the blood fell overboard and was drowned. He was about 26 and a native of the Isle of Man.

21st - John Pitman, 22, a native of Placentia Bay, N. F., washed overboard from sch. Julia Whalen on the way home from Green Bank.

22nd - James Bruce, 40, a native of Scotland, drowned on St. Peter's Bank by the capsizing of a dory from sch. Gertie Evelyn. His dorymate, John Fowler, was rescued after clinging to the overturned dory about twelve minutes.

26th - Fred. Trecarten a native of West Isles, N. B., one of the crew of sch. Mabel Leighton, drowned in the dock at the wharf of D. B. Smith & Co.

28th - Adolph Clausen, one of the crew of sch. Bessie M. Wells, was drowned from a dory. Paving freighter Harriet wrecked at Folly Cove, crew saved.


10th - Sch. Lizzie W. Hannum wrecked on Great Ledge in Buzzard's Bay. She was engaged in importing shells form the West India Islands and a portion of her cargo was saved.

23rd - Alex. Johnson, one of the crew of sch. Georgie Campbell, died at St. Pierre, Miq. He was unmarried and had parents residing at Fort square. He was ashore on leave and is supposed to have fallen or been thrown from a steep cliff at the foot of which his dead body was found.

28th - John King, 22, a native of Arichat, C. B., washed overboard from sch. Concord on the passage to Iceland.

29th - Olof John Jacobson, a native of Gottenbure, Sweden, about 23, drowned by the capsizing of a dory from sch. Rigel at Iceland. His dorymate, Oscar Johnson, was rescued when the dory drifted near enough to the vessel to be seen, but Jacobson laid in the water head downward, which position he had been in for half an hour and was dead when taken from the water.


William Rudolph, a native of Pubnico, N. S., one of the crew of the sch. Alice R. Lawson, died at Port au Basque, Newfoundland.

13th - Sch. West Side wrecked on Duck Rock, off Boothbay, Me. Crew saved, wreck sold for $255. Sch. Tragabigzanda collided with steamer Yarmouth on Pipnies Bank, losing bowsprit, foremast and mainmast but succeeded in reaching port safely the next day.

14th - Eight of the crew of sch. Edith M. McInnis went astray in their dories off Ingonish, C. B, but reached North Sydney in safety after a long row.

24th - Joseph Ritchie of Liverpool, N. S., and Joseph Perry, of Halifax, N. S., went out from sch. Howard Holbrook to visit their trawls and failed to return, having probably been capsized and drowned.

26th - Two of the crew of sch. Howard Holbrook went adrift form their vessel while visiting their trawls, but were picked up about eighteen miles off Cape Roseler and taken to Liverpool, England, where they arrived June 5. Sch. A. T. Gifford was run down on Cashed by fishing sch. W. Parnell O'Hara , losing rail and bulwarks, main-boon and main-sail and having main-rigging and chain-plates torn away. It was a close call.

29th - Capt. Joseph Ryan of the sch. A. D. Story, died suddenly while standing at the wheel of that vessel on the Iceland fishing grounds. He was a native of St. John's, N. F., but had followed fishing for many years from this city where he had a wife and two children.


Michael Flynn of sch. F. W. Homans died on the passage home from Port Hawkesbury where he had been landed sick.

6th - Jeremiah Amereau, 24, unmarried, and a native of Tusket Harbor, N. S. was washed out of a dory from sch. Fernwood . His dorymate, Thomas Deveau immediately rowed to his assistance but was unable to reach him before he sunk.

7th - John McDonald, Herbert Powers, Samuel Lowery and Benjamin Spinney went astray from sch. Robin Hood while visiting trawls on Green Bank. Lowery and McDonald were picked up and taken to Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, by sch. Valkyrie after a terrible struggle against the elements for three days and nights without food or drink. The others were rescued by a French fishing schooner after a like experience for forty-eight hours.

13th - John Foye, of sch. Iolanthe was swordfishing off Chatham in a fourteen-foot dory when a swordfish became tangled with his buoy-line and started off with the dory in tow, "like a streak of lightening", nearly filling the dory with water and almost pitching him overboard. He dared not move forward to cut the gear but had to sit still and submit to be towed around for five hours when the fish died of exhaustion. Once it came to the surface, gave a leap of twelve feet into the air, and then sank under the water again sidewise, the wrench carrying off the dory's gunwale. After rowing all that afternoon and night, and the next day and night, without food or water, he came to anchor in fifty-eight fathoms of water forty miles east of Chatham, where he was picked up by a coasting vessel and taken to New York.

15th - James P. Welch, one of the crew of sch. Nettie Dixon, 27 years, died on injuries received in his chest in boarding his vessel at St. Mary's Bay, N. F. He left a widow and child; also a father and sister in this city.

17 - Sch. Jumbo sunk at Newburyport. Capt. Stephen Orr, a native of Cape Elizabeth, Me., and George Welch of Pigeon Cove were drowned.

23rd - Lewis Musie, a native of Morris Island, N. S., 23 and unmarried, fell overboard from sch. Oliver Wendell Holmes while taking in the mainsail off the southern coast of Newfoundland on the night of June 23, and was drowned.

28th - John Nolan, a native of Prince Edward Island, about sixty years old, lately of sch. Ralph E. Eaton, fell overboard and was smothered or drowned in Bennett's dock. Joseph Miller, a native of Arichat, C. B., and Yourda Seyrintureson, a native of Iceland, were capsized and drowned in a dory from sch. Concord at Iceland. The latter was unmarried, but Miller had a wife and four children.


4th - Arthur Gosby, 24, one of the crew of sch. Virginia, , a native of England, was drowned on the Banks by the capsizing of his dory, his dorymate, Philip Flander, being rescued.

8th - Samuel McClain and "Swedish John" went astray from sch. Fortuna but after going astray without food or water for twenty-four hours were picked up 35 miles off Nantucket by sch. Two Forty and landed at Boston. Charles Ross and James Piatt also went astray from the Fortuna at the same time but were picked up by a Gloucester schooner and landed at Nantucket.

9th - Two of the crew of the Two Forty narrowly escaped being swamped in their dory by a vicious swordfish.

23rd - Edward Lewis, a Pigeon Cove fisherman, 35, fell overboard from his boat and was drowned, having probably been attacked by an ill turn to which he was subject.


6th - Richard White and Frederic Schwartz went astray from sch. Shenandoah, having only a quart of water and no food in their dory. White was attacked with erysipelas in his hands and arms, so that the rowing and management of the dory fell entirely upon his dorymate. On the fourth day out they were rescued by a French brigantine.

9th - Wilson Roberts, 21, unmarried, from Antigonish, N. S., and Christian Johnson, of Denmark, 25, unmarried, went astray in the fog from sch. Dora A. Lawson on Grand Bank and no trace of them has since been found.

24th - Sch. Masconomo went shore at Port Jolly Head, but was got off and taken on the ways at Liverpool, N. S.


Sch. J. H. Carey is assumed lost with crew of eleven men.

11th - Sch. Sheffeyld was struck by the squall about ten miles off Minot's Light, while running for Boston with a fare of fresh fish, and immediately thrown on her beam ends. The crew below scrambled on deck as best they could to find both topmasts in the water and that the pins had dropped out of the pens below, allowing her cargo of 15,000 lbs. fish to drop to the leeward and thus help the soaking sails to keep her down. The water was pouring down the forecastle ladder and booby hatch and the vessel fast filling when the foresheet was cut and the schooner responding gradually righted as she was relieved of the great masses of sodden canvas. The pumps showed the hold to be half full of water and it required four hours' constant pumping to free her. Three of her seen dories were washed away, all their trawls lost and nothing movable left on deck, but the crew were glad to escape with their lives.

19th - Sch. Lottie K. Friend run into by sch. Sarah W. Lawson in Delaware Bay. Lottie K. Friend was sunk, crew saved.


Gilbert Ross, one of the crew of the sch. Lizzie J. Greenleaf, was drowned while returning to the vessel on Grand Bank. His dorymate was rescued. Ross belonged to Port La Tour, N. S., where he leaves a wife and children.
John Bowman, native of Nova Scotia, 27, one of the crew of sch. Lizzie B. Adams, crushed between that schooner and sch. Volunteer on the Banks in October, left widow and two children.

10th - Carl Johnson and Martin Hanson, two of the crew of sch. Lizzie Griffin, went astray from their vessel on New Seattle Bank and were never heard from. Both were young men and natives of Sweden.

18th - Daniel Bowes, one of the crew of sch. Georgie Campbell, was washed from the deck while the vessel was on Banquereau in the heavy breeze of that date.

25th - John LeBlanc, one of the crew of the sch. Eleazar Boynton, washed overboard on Georges; he was a native of Pubnico, N. S.


11th - Peter Gillis, of sch. Nelson Y. McFarland, drowned in Samuel Lane & Son's dock; he was a native of St. Peter's, P. E. I.


11th - Andrew Nickerson, a native of Woods Harbor, N. S., 33, one of the crew of sch. Boyd A. Leeds, washed overboard on Georges, left widow and two children.

12th - Sch. Falcon is lost, with crew of eleven men. Sch. John W. Bray is lost, with a crew of fourteen men.



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