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The Falcon


Sch. Falcon, 68.09 tons, built at Essex in 1873, and owned by Wm. C. Wonson & Co., and Capt. Andrew Nelson, sailed for Georges November 23, 1895 and probably lost in the gale of Dec. 12. Valued at $2800 and insured by the China Mutual Insurance Company for $2000 on vessel and outfits.
Her crew list of eleven men were as follows:

Andrew Nelson, master, left widow and four children
Frank P. Redmund, steward, left widow and five children
Jabez Smith, of Port Medway, N. S., left widow and two children
Thomas Murphy, left widow and three children
William Brown
Nelson Jacobson
Cornelius Hyatt
Patrick Ryan
Henry Thomas
Martin Mattison
John M. Hanson


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