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The Mary S. Hontvet


Sch. Mary S. Hontvet , 63.93 tons, built at Portsmouth in 1876, owned by Capt. Alfred Johnson and insured by the Boston Marine Insurance Company for $2200 with $500 additional on outfits, lost with all her crew on Georges in one of the February gales 1895.
Her crew list was as follows:

Capt. August Benson, master, 29, a native of Norway, left a widow in this city
William Anderson, a native of Denmark, 28, unmarried
John Swinson, cook, 30, a native of Sweden, unmarried
Louis Olson, a native of Risor, Norway, unmarried
Augustus Berger, a native of Sweden, unmarried
Abraham Stewart, 30, a native of Prince Edward Island, unmarried
Christopher Bartaisan, a native of Norway, had a wife and two children in Norway
Alfred Nelson, 30, a native of Norway, unmarried
Augustus Johnson, a native of Finland, a widower with one child
John Perry, 30, a native of the Azore Islands, single
Otto Bloom, a native of Sweden, 27, unmarried
Henry Publicover, 26, a native of Canso, N. S., single
Oscar Johnson, a native of Sweden, unmarried


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