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The John W. Bray


Sch. John W. Bray, 79.24 tons, built in Essex in 1875, and owned by John F. Wonson & Co., sailed on a Georges trip November 19 and probably lost in the gale of December 12, 1895, nothing being heard from her after leaving port.  Valued at $5000 and insured by the China Mutual Insurance Company for $3600 on the vessel and $800 on the outfits.
She carried a crew of fourteen men, as follows:

Alexander McLeod, master, native of River Dennis, C. B., widower, left 3 children
James McLeod, brother to the captain, native of River Dennis, C. B.
John Hines, steward, native of Back Bay, N. B.
Alexander McDonald, native of Port Hood, C. B.
Michael Ryan, native of Newfoundland
Neil Nicholson, native of Scotland
Bellineau Arseno, native of Margaree, C. B.
William Morrison, native of Cape Breton
Norman McLeod,
native of Cape Breton
Christopher McRae,
native of Cape Breton
John Olsen, native of Sweden
Albert Munroe, native of White Haven, N. S.
John Carrigan, native of Nova Scotia
William Dunn, native of New London, P. E. I.


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