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Sea Serpent


Friday, July 28, 1899

Passengers on Steamer New England Sighted Great Lizard

The passengers on the ocean liner New England , which arrived at Boston form Liverpool on Thursday, aver that they saw the sea serpent on the voyage. Capt. McAuley nor any one on board had never seen such a strange monster before.

The Captain said that his attentions was called to an object off the starboard bow, which he first made out to be a ship's boat or part of a derelict. This was at 7.45 o'clock last Tuesday, when the ship was in latitude 45.37 north, longitude 58.09 west. He bore two points out of his course to ascertain just what the object was, believing that it might be a wreck with some poor sailors in need of assistance. The steamer approached to within about 40 feet of the object, which still had the appearance of a submerged wreck. Suddenly a thin stream of water was thrown in the air and the animal - for it proved to be one - moved off at the right angles to the ship, going through the water at an eight-knot clip.

Capt. McAuley described the animal as about 45 feet in length, with a carinated back which projected about six feet out of water. Its head was visible for only a few seconds when it raised it from the water to gaze unconcernedly at the big ship as she approached. The neck was elongated and the head hooded.

The captain did not say it was a sea serpent, but acknowledged it was the strangest animal he had ever seen in his 40 years' experience at sea.

The color of the animal was dark drab on top with lighter shading near the water. One of the saloon passengers said that he believed it was a giant sea lizard.


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