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The Keno


January 23, 1924

Sailed Aboard the Bluenose in Fishermen's Races

That the schooner Keno, which left Lunenburg December 29 for Bay of Islands, N. F., foundered and sank with all hands is accepted as a moral certainty, and not even the most sanguine optimist expects to hear of the safety of vessel or crew.

Capt. Albert Himmelman, one of the ablest navigators and masters sailing out of the port of Lunenburg, was captain of the Keno, which was a vessel of 92 tons net register, built at the yard of McLean Bros., Mahone Bay, and launched last spring.  She was fishing during the season of 1923.

Captain Albert Himmelman, aged 51, resident Lunenburg, leaves a wife and seven grown up children.  None of his boys were with him on this trip.  Mrs. Himmelman died a few years ago, and had any of the sailor sons been home, it is certain that one or more of them would have formed a part of this crew.  Captain Himmelman was a fine specimen of a man in every way.  He was over six feet in height, and an expert helmsman, and considered one of the most expert masters to handle a schooner out of this port.  He was a fine whole souled fellow, and was a great favorite.

Gabriel Lohnes, cook, was 57 years of age; resident, Newton, and leaves a large family, some of whom are grown up.

Aubrey Knickle, aged 28, single, son of a widow from Stonehurst; unmarried.

Wesley Whynacht, aged 23, son of Elias Whynacht, Stonehurst, unmarried.

Raymond Zink, aged 21, Blandford; unmarried.

Gabriel Demene, aged 57, First Peninsula, married, with a large family, some of whom are grown up.

John Wilcox, aged 29, native of Newfoundland, married to a daughter of the late Charles Oxner, and made his home in Lunenburg.

Heber Miller, aged 27, son of Henry Miller, Stonehurst; lived in Lunenburg, and leaves a widow and two children.

Capt. Albert Himmelman was also the mate on board of sch. Bluenose in her race off of this port, against sch. Henry Ford for the International Fishermen's trophy, and was also in a similar position last fall when the Bluenose and Columbia met off Halifax.


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