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Miscellaneous Stories


1895 - Unknown schooner founders off St. Mary’s N. S. Crew in the Rigging.

1899 -  A sighting of Gloucester's Sea Serpent .

1900An Awful Gale on Quero Bank, waves as tall as the mast. 

1902 -  Tangled in the lines, a fisherman is pulled overboard by a swordfish.

1906 - The Edith L. Allen struck the Norumbega shortly after midnight. George Painter, a hardy giant of a fisherman, saved several of the Norumbega's crew by sheer strength and muscle.

1909Swordfish attacked craft.

1910 - Sea Serpent Taken Off Nova Scotia.

1913 -  A busy day for Capt. King and the crew of the Dolliver's Neck Life Saving station.
           A close call for the Mary F. Curtis, grazed by an ocean liner at night in a thick fog .
           Crew rode out a two day gale with a broken feed pipe.
           Fear Six Fishermen Drowned, Men Belonged to T Wharf Italian Small Boat Fleet.

1914Death Stared Them in the Face.

1919The New St. Joseph piled up on the breakwater's rocks.
           Coast Guard saved two vessels in trouble in 60 mile gale. 

1922Whale attacks craft, skipper and crew knocked overboard but climb back to safety.
           Sch. Ripple is knocked on beam ends by unknown steamer.
           Newfoundland man killed aboard vessel when his mitten gets caught in the winch.

1923 -  Fisherman walked over ice floes after being trapped in ice for 14 days in May.
           Gallant Act Saved the Mildred Robinson

1924 - British Sch. Donald L. Silver bound for Gloucester foundered off Newfoundland coast.
          Dobson Lost Life During Heavy Blizzard.
          Schooner Keno, sailing out of Newfoundland, is lost with all aboard.
          Attended Mass in Oil Skins to Keep Promise.

1925 - The Sea Serpent makes another appearance.

1926 -  Men badly burned when dragger caught fire.
           Fisherman believed drowned at sea turns up safe and sound.
           Wounded Swordfish turned on Pursuer.

1927 -  The big August storm, the Harvard, the Edith C. Rose, and the Marion McLoon all in trouble. 

1928 -  A close call, both fisherman and dory are pulled under by a swordfish. 

1935 -  Four fishermen saved from a watery grave.
           Nine Fishermen Were Dragged Into Briny.
           Crew of Elsie E. row to St. Pierre.
           The Natalie Hammond goes to the aid of disabled trawler, the Mariana

1938 - The Flow, out of Boston, lost a man.

1939 - The sch. Joffre hauls up relics from a vessel lost in the 1780's.

1945 - The Boston trawler Medford, rammed by Army transport vessel.
          Fisherman swept off dragger's deck.
          Four fishermen burned off  N. Y.

1949 - N. F. Ship Marshal Frank hits Shoal Near Sydney, N. S. and Smashed To Bits.
          One Swept to Death, Three Others Resuced - Boston boats in trouble.

1959 - Swims through Sharks to Save His Shipmate.


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