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Some Who Survived


1883 - The saga of Howard Blackburn, lost at sea in January 1883, he survived four days in an open dory.  He lost all his fingers and half of each thumb to frostbite, as well as the toes and part of the heel of one foot, and part of the other foot.  Not only did he survive, but he went on to twice sail solo across the Atlantic Ocean, as well as go gold mining in the Klondike.

1889 - February, an account of a doryman lost at sea and how he saved his feet from freezing.

1892 - "At Death's Door- Six Days Without Food or Water"

1895 - February, two of Lizzie J. Greenleaf’s crew away from their vessel two days

1904 - February - Fortunate rescue of two men, astray in a dory for 25 hours in February 1904.

1910 - Stray Fisherman Six Days and Nights in Dory on Banks
          Portuguese Fisherman Adrift For Three Days
          Starving Fishermen Picked Up.  Had Been Adrift Five Days without Food or Water
         Stray fisherman was cheered up by older companion; reached land after four days in dory.
          Boy fisherman astray for six days, rowed to Newfoundland.

1914 - Two Newfoundland fishermen return home five days after a memorial service is held in their memory.

1915 - An account of two crew members of the sch. Bay State lost at sea for 6 days.

1922 - Skipper jumps overboard with rope tied to waist and saves crew.

1923 - Two dorymen row 130 miles to reach mainland.

1923 - Two fishermen survive when their boat is smashed on the rocks at Ipswich Neck.
          Stray fishermen return home after three days and nights without food or water.

1925 - Man spent the night in his open boat, January, when his engine broke down.
          Lost Men Had Nearly Abandoned All Hope (The Bootleggers)

1926 - Thirteen days adrift, two men land in Gibraltar after rescue by a tramp steamer.

1928 - Adrift off Thatcher's Island, 35 miles out to sea.

1929 - Pumped Seven Days to Keep Craft Afloat

1932 - Given up for dead, rescued after being adrift for six days without food or water.


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