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On The Rocks


Friday, January 5, 1923

Much Rejoicing in Safety of Men
Manuel J. Silva and Edward Upham Return Home
After Perilous Experience

There was great rejoicing yesterday, when it was learned that the two fishermen, Manuel Joseph Silva and Edward Upham, for whom the coast guard crew were searching for hours in the storm, were safe in Ipswich. They returned yesterday afternoon after an experience which seems almost miraculous.

Their little craft went on the rocks at Ipswich Neck and they had to get to the shore through the icy water. They found they were in the summer colony and that it would be a long walk to any house where they could find warmth and shelter. The only thing for them to do was to break into one of the cottages, where they were fortunate enough to find fuel. They dried their clothing and as soon as they could, notified their families of their safety. Everyone spent a night of anxiety, for it seemed almost impossible for them to weather such a storm. The coast guard did valiant service and did not give up the search till Capt. Pearce found that he was endangering the lives of the whole crew, with no hope of picking up the unfortunate men as the snow was blinding. He, however, telephoned to the Dolliver Neck station as soon as he reached shore and the crew from there put out in their larger boat.


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