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Lost at Sea


Saturday, February 16, 1889

Picked Up

Mr. George Reynolds, reported in yesterday's Times as missing in his dory from sch. Ida May, was picked up about half past ten o'clock yesterday forenoon, after having been out all night, by the steamer Worcester, and landed in Boston.

Reynolds, who is nineteen years of age, was completely benumbed and fagged out when picked up the the Worcester, and had to be helped on board by two other seamen. He had been in the dory 22 hours, having left his vessel Thursday noon to set his trawls. He had got one trawl out and commenced on another when it began to grow dark, and he started for the vessel, but was unable to find her.

The weather was very cold and he suffered greatly. Finding that one of his feet was nearly frozen, he put them both over the side on the dory into the water to keep them from freezing. There was a strong northwest wind Thursday morning, with considerable sea, but he succeeded in keeping his dory head to the wind until he was picked up.

He was provided with dry clothing and nourishing food on board the steamer, and on her arrival in Boston Purser Sawyer took him to the depot in a hack and sent him to his home in this city.


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