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Boy Fisherman


July 27, 1910

Sixteen-Year-Old Lad Missed Sch. Atalanta on Banks In Fog
Rowed to Coast of Newfoundland After Losing Vessel

William Wentzell, 16 years of age, one of the crew of sch. Atalanta of this port, arrived at St. John's, N. F., by the Portia July 19 from Burin, where he was brought after having been three days astray in his dory with practically no food.

Wentzell left his vessel on July 9 to fish on St. Pierre Bank single handed and was unable to locate the schooner afterwards, owing to a dense fog which shut down.  After a fruitless search the nest day he started towerds the land and kept rowing and sailing, subsisting on a few biscuits and a small quantity of water for the next two day.

On the 12 he sighted a vessel which he states was the Commander and hailed her, but though he is positive they saw him, no notice was taken and the banker passed on out of sight.  On the next day he made the land near Fox Cove, Burin and was rescued by a fisherman named James Kavanagh, who rowed him to Burin.

Wentzell was in an exhausted condition when rescued, but with care and good treatment was soon restored to good health.   He is being looked after by United States Consul Benedict at St. John's and will be sent home by first steamer.


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