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Historical Perspectives on Fishing


A Table of Losses in the fisheries from Gloucester since 1830, when the winter George's fishery was first commenced, showing the number of vessels lost each year, their tonnage, valuation, insurance, and the number of lives lost, together with the widows and fatherless children left, so far as it had been possible to obtain them, until the year 1903.

A short essay on the history of fishing out of Gloucester, published in 1923.

The great storm of December 15, 1839, and particulars told by one who took part in saving life.

1871 - The rescue of the Horton, in the beginning of the "fish wars" with   Canada.

1877 - A suit to recover wages, and a fisherman's bill of fare.

1894 - Two Veteran fishermen reminisce. about fishing in the early days.

1895 - Sch. John E. McKenzie sails for a six months trip to the "Land of the Midnight Sun". 
How Vessels in the Iceland Fishery Are Fitted and What Stores They Carry

The Memorial Service of 1898. "Seventy men, while engaged in the fisheries from our port, have passed away from our midst, 63 during the calendar year 1898 and seven in December of the preceding year, an appalling statement to those who are less familiar with our condition than we are. We calmly say it is a small number, much below the average. "

1908 - What four Provincetown salt cod dory handliners carry for their four months trip to the fishing grounds.

1909 - The Italian Fishermen of Boston.

1910 -  Catching Flounders With Gasoline, how some enterprising Italians built a business.

1911 - A side trip to the "kicker fleet" in Boston, the beginnings of the Italian fishing fleet in Massachusetts.

1913 - Capt. Sylvanus Smith tells of fishing in the old days out of Sandy Bay (Rockport) and Old York, Maine

1914 - The Italian fleet in Boston have docking problems.

1923 - New sch. Columbia ready for fishing. What it takes to fit a craft for salt fishing.

1924 - A brief history of Sailor's Snug Harbor, Staten Island, New York.

1928 - Fisherman of 89 Recalls "Old Times"  


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