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Provisions for a trip


What Four Provincetown Salt Cod Dory Handliners Carry For Their Four Months Trip to the Fishing Grounds

The four Provincetown sch. Monitor, Gladstone, American and Lottie Brynes, which have been fitting out at Long wharf, Boston, for several weeks for summer trips to the Grand Banks dory handlining for codfish, have gone to Provincetown to take on their trawls and the last of their fresh provisions.   The schooners leave prepared for a stay of from three to five months on the water.   Their fish will be salted down as soon as caught, and brought to this port at the end of the trip.

The schooners carry from 14 to 18 men, with a cook, besides the captain.   As a sample of the cost the following will serve:

Each of the vessels takes

400 hogsheads of salt at a cost of $500
100 barrels of clams for bait at a cost of $7.50 per barrel
25 barrels of flour at $5.00 each
2 barrels of salt pork, each 300 pounds, at 12 cents a pound
10 barrels of salt beef at $15.00 each
6 cases of canned fresh beef at $2.50 a case
3 cases of condensed milk at $3.60 per case
150 pounds of dried apples at 15 cents a pound
50 cans of tomatoes at 10 cents a can
50 cans of corn at 10 cents a can
besides prunes
6 1/2 tons of coal
a cord of wood
and the usual small things a cook uses about the kitchen.

The pay for the crew average for each of the vessels , about $3,700 total..  The vessels are fitted out by Philip A. Wharf of Provincetown, who assumes all the risks of the four trips.


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