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Suit to Recover Wages


March 16, 1877

Suit to Recover a Fisherman's Wages

John Dolan, of the crew of Sch. Hattie L. Newman, of Beverly, shipped in April 1876 on a Grand Banks trip at $22 per month. While out in a dory June 2nd, with a companion, they were lost is a fog, and for eight days were without food and water, until picked up by a French vessel.

His hardships induced a severe sickness, and necessitated the amputation of three toes on each foot. He has brought suit against the schooner in the United States District court to recover fine months wages, $110, and expenses for fifty weeks sickness in hospital, $313.

The defense is that the libellant disobeyed orders or he would not have been lost, and that the master is liable and not the vessel. J. C. Perkins for liblt.; S. B. Ives for clmt.


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