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Memorial Service of 1898



On Sunday, February 12, 1899, a service was held at the McClure chapel in memory of the fishermen who have been lost from this port during the past year.

The services were in charge of Rev. E. C. Charlton, chaplain of the Fishermen's Institute, who was assisted by Rev. F. H. Reed of the Lanesville Congregational church, Rev. J. A. Mills of St. John's Episcopal church, Rev. R. P. Hibbard of Trinity Evangelical church and Rev. George H. Perkins of the Prospect Street Methodist church.

After a reading of the ninetieth psalm, a ladies' quartette singing The Harbor Light and a reading of a portion of the fourth chapter of St. Mark's gospel, the Rev. Mr. Charlton then spoke:

"Seventy men while engaged in the fisheries from our port have passed away from our midst, 63 during the calendar year 1898 and seven in December of the preceding year, an appalling statement to those who are less familiar with our condition than we are. We calmly say it is a small number, much below the average. We certainly ought to inquire into the causes and seriously to ask, can anything be done to stay this mad rush to death?

... After careful analysis, I find 23 lives lost in two vessels during heavy gales, and nine washed overboard. These were the direct victims of the elements. Eleven were drowned by the capsizing or overloading of their dories, six died on board their vessels or in hospitals, five went astray in their dories, nine were run down by a steamer. Five drowned while fishing on the Lord's day, two were the victims of Gloucester's bars, with the harbor mud for their dying pillows. The average age of these men was 35 1/2 years, the oldest being 61, the youngest 21. They leave 19 widows and 35 orphan children. Their nationalities were United States 8, Gloucester 4, Western Islands 1, Germany 2, English 1, Finnish 2, Scandinavians 13, British Provinces 34. These statistics may not by absolutely correct but are the best we can obtain."

The congregation then stood while the names of the men were read.

  1. Capt. John P. Aiken
  2. George K. Allen
  3. John Dagle
  4. John Moore
  5. Elijah Sneltzer
  6. Allred Sonier
  7. Daniel J. McDonald
  8. Henry Conrad
  9. Murdock Ervin
  10. Henry Kanuth
  11. Joseph Godet
  12. William Bushby
  13. Augustus Rickhorm
  14. Charles Mallett
  15. William Sunderman
  16. Olaf Gunderson
  17. Lawrence Meany
  18. Capt. Walter Chetwynd
  19. George Lloyd
  20. John Powers
  21. John Porter
  22. Patrick Quinlan
  23. Joseph McIsaac
  24. Abraham Landry
  25. Capt. Frank Miller
  26. Isaac J. Tilden
  27. Charles Keen
  28. Leander Joyce
  29. Albert Hanson
  30. Harry Olson
  31. Edward Anderson
  32. Albert Inmanson
  33. Theodore Johnson
  34. Frank L. Erickson
  35. Thomas Keating
  36. Lars Heljson
  37. Charles Wilson
  38. David Dalton
  39. Thomas Brown
  40. Frank Duffey
  41. Oscar Anderson
  42. James Burke
  43. John Devine
  44. Capt. Edwin N. Hall
  45. Dennis Broderick
  46. John Armstrong
  47. Anthony Stone
  48. Harry Hanselpecker
  49. Morris Munson
  50. Samuel Scott
  51. James Russell
  52. Patrick Coffee
  53. Philip Kirby
  54. William Hamilton
  55. Jeremiah Ryan
  56. John McLeod
  57. Frank Viator
  58. Spencer McKay
  59. John Welch
  60. Lawrence Drew
  61. Peter Anderson
  62. Alfred Hyder
  63. Dennis Kennefick
  64. Johan Stenvall
  65. Frank C. Cooley
  66. Kenneth McPherson
  67. John Campbell
  68. James Garrett
  69. John Muse
  70. Frank Welch

The service closed by the singing of Rock of Ages by the ladies quartette and the benediction by Rev. Mr. Mills.


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