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George Dobson


January 8, 1924

Dobson Lost Life During Heavy Blizzard

Concerning the drowning of George Dobson, formerly of this port, who perished in a recent gale, the Shelburne Gazette says:

The blizzard that visited this section last Friday is responsible for the taking of one life.  On that day the Lockeport fleet went out to the fishing grounds as usual, and early in the afternoon, when the storm set in there was a hurried preparation for making port.  Many of the men cut their trawls and hastened back to their vessels.  But George Dobson, one of the crew of the Nellie Viola, failed to return.

The vessel searched for the missing man for some time and failing to find him, made for port and notified the Government steamer Arras at Shelburne, and she left here Saturday morning.  After searching about in the vicinity where the Nellie Viola had been fishing, she returned to port with no tidings of the missing man.

On Sunday afternoon word reached Shelburne that a dory had been picked up on DeMinga Island.  The Gazette called up Jordan Bay and learned that Berton Pierce and Mark Pierce had discovered a dory carrying the name of "Nellie Viola" on the northern part of the island and also found a pair of rubber boots and a cap nearby on the beach.  There is no doubt that the dory was the one which contained Dobson.  The fact that the rubber boots were found leads to the belief that in making shore he pulled them off thinking that he would be thrown out in the surf and that he would have to swim.

The unfortunate man was 58 years of age and belonged to Guysboro, but had been fishing out of Lockeport for several years.  He was a widower and leaves a grown-up family residing in the United States.


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