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The Flow


January 17, 1938

Man On Trawler Drowned At Sea
Jack Carroll, One of Flow's Crew Lost Balance When Sea Hit Craft
and Is Swept To His Doom

Losing his balance when a heavy sea struck the boat, Jack Carroll, 42 years, unmarried, of East Boston, was thrown overboard and drowned on Georges bank last Thursday morning.  Carroll was a member of the crew of the Boston beam trawler Flow, Capt. Grema Eaggersen, who reported the loss this forenoon when the vessel arrived at Boston Fish pier, her American flag at half-mast.  The craft is one of the Bay State Trawling company fleet.

Carroll with others was hauling in the drag nets, the skipper said, when a sea hit the craft, causing Carroll to stumble and pitch forward over the side and into the ocean.  Shipmates threw him lines but he was unable to grasp them and heavily weighted by oilskins and boots, sank beneath the surface and was not seen afterward.  The casualty occurred about 8 o'clock in the forenoon. 


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