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The San Antonio


April 7, 1949

One Swept To Death; Three Others Rescued
Mario Rinzi, Saved Once, Finally Lost off 'Point from Deck of Rescue Ship
Trio Snatched from Boiling Sea

High waves whipped up by a 50-mile-an-hour gale yesterday afternoon, twice swept Mario Rinzi, 52 years, Roslindale, from the deck of the 40-foot auxiliary fishing trawler San Antonio, into the seas a half-mile southeast of Eastern Point, Gloucester, the second time to his death.

Three other fishermen, two of whom were from a fellow small trawler, the 40-foot Nova Antonio, were also hurled overboard by the second wave, but were rescued and brought into Gloucester where they received attention at the Addison Gilbert hospital.  The San Antonio was badly damaged.  Both craft are Boston boats, with Boston crews.

The San Antonio, Capt. Leo Romano, Boston, left Gloucester about 2 o'clock yesterday morning to haul her trawls about 20 miles southeast of this port, and was returning with her catch, hoping to beat the storm back to port, when Rinzi along with Mario Costango, Boston, were forward on watch, due to the poor visibility occasioned by the rain and thick weather.  A damaged rudder was giving the San Antonio trouble, but another five minutes and she would have been safely within the breakwater.   Then the terrific wind-lashed seas smote the small craft full force on the portside, hurling both Rinzi and Costango into the water.

The Nova Antonio, Capt. Andrew Gallante, of Somerville, which had also left here with the San Antonio early yesterday morning to haul trawls on the same grounds, was proceeding into port near the San Antonio, and quickly cam closer to assist in the rescue.  The crew of the Nova Antonio recovered both Rinzi and Costango, and were applying artificial respiration to revive the two fishermen, when another sea swept  over them and pulled Rinzi and Costango back into the sea, taking Stephen Ficaro, 29 years, Cambridge, and Capt. Gallante, two of the Nova Antonio crew, along with them.

Crew members of the Nova Antonio then manoeuvered their craft so they could rescue their dory mates.  They succeeded in saving Capt. Gallante, Ficaro of the Nova Antonio crew, and also Costango for the second time in less than 15 minutes.   But they were unable to locate any trace of Rinzi.  A search by the Coast Guard form Dolliver's Neck station of this port all yesterday afternoon and this forenoon, failed to see any sign of the missing fisherman.

Rinzi was married and with his wife and 9 year-old son resided in Roslindale.  He  had been fishing out of Boston and Gloucester for the past quarter century.

The seas raised havoc with the San Antonio.  Her rails and dory were smashed by the first onslaught of hundreds of tons of foaming sea.  The wheel house was bashed in.  Angleo DiGircolamo, 18, Boston, was thrown against the rail, but escaped serious injury.

The three rescued men were brought into Gloucester by the Nova Antonio, and landed at General Seafoods wharf off Commercial street, from where Patrolman Donald S. Levie, and police chauffeur Harry W. O'Connell took them to the Addison Gilbert hospital.  Gallante and Ficaro were discharged soon after entrance but Costango was still hospitalized at noon today although his condition was reported as good.

Other crew members of the two boats include: on the San Antonio, Eugene Colorate, Boston, and Matheo Magnalio, Boston; on the Nova Antonio, John Gallante of Somerville, brother to the skipper and Patsy Maccio of East Boston.


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