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The Alice C. Jordan


Sch. Alice C. Jordan, 86.27 tons gross and 81.96 tons net tonnage, built in Essex in 1883, and owned by William H. Jordan, run down by the Boston and Baltimore line steamer Gloucester and sunk in Vineyard Sound September 16, 1898 while on a mackerelling trip. Valued at $69-- and insured by the China Mutual Insurance Company for $2800 on the vessel and $1800 on the outfits. Nine of her crew were drowned as follows:

Harry Hanselpaker, 45, native of St. John, N. B., leaves widow and one child
Morris Munson, 50, native of Sweden, leaves widow
Samuel Scott, 55, native of Canso, N. S., leaves widow and eight children
James Russell, 61, native of Eel Brook, N. S., leaves widow and five children
Patrick Coffee, 59, widower, resided at East Boston
Philip Kirby, 50, native of Connecticut
William Hamilton, 33, native of Deer Island, Me.
Jeremiah Ryan, 69, native of Newfoundland
John McLeod, 50 years.


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