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The Hattie Chester


Saturday, December 1, 1883

Sch. Hattie Chester sailed form Boston Nov 7 on a Georges haddocking trip, and was undoubtedly lost in the gale of the 12th. She was a fine vessel of 73.82 tons, built at Essex in 1878, and owned by Mr. George Steele. Vessel and outfits valued at about $7500. Insured in the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co., $5640 on vessel and $1200 on outfits.
She had a crew of fourteen men, as follows:

Angus McEachern, master, 24 yrs. of age, unmarried
Daniel McRitchie, steward, leaves a widow and children in Boston
Olaf Johnson, leaves widow and child residing on Park street
William DeCoste,
single, leaves a widowed mother
John McGilvery, single, 32 years of age
John McLean, single, 23 years
James Dirscoll, recently married
Edward Ryan, single
Angus McEachern and
Angus McEachern, cousins, making three of the crew with the same name
Dougald McDonald, married in Nova Scotia
Alex. McEachern
David Ehler
one man, name unknown

William Price was one of the crew, but another man shipped in Boston to take his place. McRitchie waited two weeks to ship on the cruise.


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