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The Helen M. Dennis


December 21, 1883

Sch. Helen M. Dennis sailed on a Western Bank trip Nov. 1st, and was not seen or spoken with after leaving port, and has been absent seven weeks yesterday. It was thought that she might have gone into some port in the Provinces for bait, but as no tidings of her have been received her owners have given her up as lost in the November gales. She had on board fourteen men, two of whom, Wesley Brown and Maynard Hiltz, got astray from the vessel while examining their trawls Nov. 6th, and after three days of exposure and suffering, were picked up by sch. China and carried into Halifax. Thus it appears that what seemed a terrible experience, was under God the means of preserving their lives. The twelve on board were as follows:

Archibald A. McDonald, master, single
William Nutting,
steward, single
Joseph McMaster
Jeffrey Dulong
James Murphy
Augustus Hiltz
Alex. Scanlan
Edward Cotter
Allan McLane
two men, names unknown

So far as we can learn they were all young single men, natives of Cape Breton and vicinity, and had followed fishing from this port several years. The vessel was owned by Mr. George Dennis, built in Ipswich in 1868, insured for $3100, and $1000 on outfits in the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Ins. Co.


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