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The Sultana


Saturday, December 7, 1883

Sch. Sultana left port on October 19th for Western Bank, and has been absent seven weeks, to-day, and her owner has given her up. She was seen during the gale of Nov. 12th and 13th., since which time there have been no tidings of her.
She had on board fourteen men as follows:

Fabian McDonald, master, native of Chepslow, P. E. I.
Ansel McDonald, cousin, from same place
Harry Smith, of Chester, N. S.
Lawrence Smith, brother to Harry, also of Chester
James McLain, of Cape Breton, N. S.
John McLain, brother to James, also of Cape Breton
Charles W. Murray
William Conners,
(Left one of Low's vessels to go in the Sultana)
Peter McPhee
John Curtis,
P. E. I.
Charles Publicover, Chester, N. S.
Charles Brown
Richard Downes
Norman Boutlier,

All not otherwise designated are, so far as we can learn, single men. Most of them were natives of the Provinces, but have followed fishing from this port several years Captain McDonald is a brother of Capt. James McDonald, of sch. Falcon, of Gloucester. The vessel was 69.84 tons, built at Essex in 1869, owned by Andrew Leighton, insured in the Gloucester Mutual Insurance Office for $3560, with $2000 on outfits.

We are informed that the master was to have been married on the return from this trip.


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