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The John McDonough


Saturday, December 1, 1883

Sch. John McDonough left port the Wednesday before the gale of Nov. 12, and was in Provincetown a day or two, leaving in time to reach Georges before the storm.  She was a handsome new vessel of 77.26 tons, built in Essex by Mr. Willard A. Burnham for Capt. John McDonough of this city, and this was her first trip.  She was valued with outfits at $11,000, on which there was an insurance in the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Ins. Co. of $8,000 of vessel, and $1,000 on outfits.
Her crew consisted of sixteen men, as follows:

Hugh McDonough, master
George McCollum, cook
Joseph Morse
Charles E. Brown
Thomas Scanlan,
of Boston
Joseph Deering
Thomas Upham
Morris Goodwin
Jacob Woodbury,
of Beverly
Gilbert Geroach
Isaac N. Robinson
Richard Taylor
Frank Nickerson,
of Cape Negro
Robert Hart
Valentine Kelly,
of Dennisport
Patrick Sallan,
of Boston, only one known to be married

Hugh McDonough was the son of the owner, and it is said that this was to be his last trip as he intended remaining on shore and engaging in the fishing business with his brother. He went this trip, only on account of the difficulty in procuring a competent master. Just before the vessel was ready to sail another man was procured, but Hugh would not "disappoint the crew" who had shipped with express understanding that he should go as master. He was a young man of much promise and had endeared himself to a large circle of friends and acquaintances. He leaves a father, mother, brother, and a dearly beloved one to whom he was soon to be united in marriage.
Charles E. Brown leaves a mother, two brothers and a sister in this city, This was his first trip winter fishing. He was to have been married at Christmas time.


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