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The Charles Hildreth


The Charles Hildreth left on a trip to George's Bank in September of 1883, and was never heard from again. The vessel was presumed to have been run down during the night by some sailing vessel or steamer.

According to an article in the Cape Ann Weekly Bulletin dated November 14, 1883

"This schooner now given up as lost sailed on a George's trip Sept. 17th and has been absent nearly two months. She had a crew of ten men, two of which we have not as yet ascertained and would be glad to have further information. The following are the names eight of who are known:

Michael McGinley, master, leaves a widow and family in this city, No. 41 East Main street
Daniel Duffy, 52 Perkins street, leaves a widow and three children
John G. Marston, widow and family, rear of No. 10 Wharf street
Patrick Sullivan, widow and family
John Thebedore,
John B. Brown,
John Welch
Edward O'Bryan,
a native of St. Johns, N. F.
Antoine Haimond and
Charles Munroe all of whom had followed fishing from this port, for several years.

The Hildreth was 58 tons, built in Gloucester in 1867, insured for $3460 by Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co. and owned by Messrs. Wonson Brothers."

In December of 1883, the Sch. Racer from George's reported on its outward passage it passed the wreck of a schooner answering in some respects to the Charles H. Hildreth.  


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