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The Witchcraft


December 14, 1883

Sch. Witchcraft left port November first, baited in Provincetown, and sailed for Georges. She was last seen on the southern part of Brown's Bank, by sch. Marathon, Sunday night, Nov. 11th, the night before the first gale, and has never been seen or heard of since.
She had on board eleven men, as follows"

John Briggs, master, single man, about 36 yrs., native of Rockland, Me.
James Shute, leaves a widow and child in this city
James Maddocks, leaves a widow
H. Nicholas Blaney
James Nickerson
J. W. Johnson
Enos Smith
Fred. C. Burnham
Michael Murphy
Solomon Pendleton,
of Winter Harbor, Me
A. L. Pendleton, brother to Solomon, of Winter Harbor, Me

The Witchcraft was built in Essex in 1850, was 57.73 tons, owned by William B. Coombs and insured for $1500, and $1000 on outfits, in the Gloucester Mutual Insurance office.


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