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The Harvey C. Mackay


December 24, 1879

Sch. Harvey C. Mackay Given Up as Lost

Sch. Harvey C. Mackay, for whose safety fears have been entertained, and for whose coming back to port anxious hears have long been waiting, has been given up as lost by hew owners, and she must be added, with her crew of hardy men, to the list of lost fishermen. She left port August 28th, for a salt trip to the banks, and was provisioned for four months. She waited a month in the Bay of St. Lawrence for bait, then stopped in Canso a few days and proceeded on the trip. She was last seen Oct. 29th, the day of the terrible gale, and as no tidings have been heard of her since, and the four months of her trip having expired, there is little doubt but that she foundered in that gale.
She was manned when she left his port as follows:

Frank Nolan, master
Charles Watson, of Rockport
W. H. Bartlett,
of Maine, left a widow
Daniel McKay,
of Canso
James Dagle
George Mills
William Higgins
Charles W. Hunt
Everett Campbell,
of Argyle
Fred Crowell,
of Argyle

Dagle and Mills are supposed to have left the vessel at Canso, where probably a number of others were shipped, as she did not take a full crew. The Harvey C. Mackay was a good vessel of 64.77 toms burthen, built at Essex in 1866, owned by Messrs. William Parsons, 2nd, & Co., valued at $2595, and insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishermen Insurance Co., for $2271, with $800 additional on outfits.


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