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The Shiloh


Sch. Shiloh 81.68 tons, built in this city in 1874, owned by Messrs. John Per & Son, and insured with outfits for $4181 by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company, sailed from this port March 25, 1889 and never returned, supposed to have been run down and sunk off Cape cod the night after her departure from port by Sch. M. B. Stetson of Provincetown.  
She had a crew of fourteen men as follows:

James Wells, master, a native of Guysboro, N.S., who left a widow and five children residing at Annisquam
Moses Smith, of Cape Sable, where he left a widow and large family
George Critchett, 47, left a widow and eight children in this city
Freeman Munroe, wife in this city
George Evans, of Rockport, single
Charles Newell, of Rockport, single
George D. Ford, of Ipswich, single
Benjamin Dixon, single, native of Entry Island, N. S.
James Moran, native of Danversport
Martin St. John, single
Warren Acorn, single
Archie Vicher, single
Joseph McCallion, single
Wallace Surratt, native of Eel Brook, N. S., widow and four children in this city


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