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The D. E. Woodbury


January 12, 1877

Sch. D. E. Woodbury, owned by Messrs. Smith & Gott, left port for a trip to the Banks, Oct. 28th. She was last seen, some five weeks out, on the Seal Island grounds, and has never been seen or heard of since. She was a fine vessel of 65.25 tons, valued at $5200; insured in the Gloucester Fishing Insurance Office for $4550, and $700 on the outfits.
She has a crew list of ten men as follows:

Franklin D. Pinkham, master, of Boothbay, Maine
David S. Corson, of Boothbay, Maine
Andrew M. Anderson, of Gloucester, leaves a widow and two children
William Olsen, of Sweden
Oliver Olsen, of Sweden
Andrew Hanson
John Brant
Edward Spelling
James S. MaLease

and one man, unknown

Those not designated otherwise, were Nova Scotians, who had followed fishing from this port several years, and all single men, so far as we can learn. A singular fact connected with Edward Spelling is that he came in from the Banks and without stopping to help take out the fish, shipped on board the Woodbury immediately. One of the crew who had shipped was under the influence of liquor when the vessel was ready to sail, and she went without him, and his life was there by saved. 


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