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The Saratoga


May 19, 1876

There seems to be good reason to fear that the fishing schooner Saratoga of this port has gone down upon Georges Bank, with all her crew. The Saratoga sailed from this port five weeks ago last Wednesday, and nothing was heard from her until last week when the Sch. Hattie B. West arrived from a Georges trip and reported having picked up a boat, with davit attached, belonging to the missing vessel and having seen other floating debris, indicating a recent wreck upon the Banks. These facts would seem to indicate that the Saratoga was run down and sunk while at anchor upon Georges, and there is a bare possibility that the crew may have been taken off, or have been able to escape in the dories and found safety by being picked up by a passing vessel.
The crew list of the missing vessel was as follows:

John McMillan, master, leaves a widow and four children;
John Hiltz, leaves a widow and two children;
John D. Carter, leaves a widow and one child;
William Mackay, leaves a widow and five children;
Edward Maguire, leaves a widow;
Andrew J. Woodman, leaves a widow;
F. E. Lewis, Jr;
John Murphy;
Charles Richards

These nine names comprise the list of the crew as far as is now known. The vessel has always carried a crew of twelve men, and it is supposed that the captain shipped others at or about the time of sailing.

The Saratoga was a handsome new vessel 74.96 tons, built at Essex last winter by the Messrs. Hobbs Brothers for Mr. George Steele. She was valued with her outfits, at $10,000, and insured for $8000, in the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co. and $800 in the Gloucester Fire Insurance Company.

The Saratoga is the fifth Gloucester vessel lost this year, and the nine men named above make forty-seven in all whose lives have already been lost in the Gloucester fisheries in 1876.

(The Fishernen's Own Book adds the following two names to the crew list: Albert Walker, William B. Walker.)


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