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The John S. Tyler


January 19, 1877

Sch. John S. Tyler sailed from port November 11th, for LaHave Banks, since which time she has not been seen or heard form. she had a crew of ten men as follows:

Arthur O'Neal, master, of Gloucester, leaves a widow and three children
Felix O'Neal, of Gloucester, leaves a widow and five children
Murdoch McCloud, of Gloucester, leaves a widow and one child
Alexander McCloud, of Gloucester, leaves a son
Edward Berry
William Laney
George Allen
Louis Wilson
William Sullivan
Henry Maddox

The vessel was owned by Messrs. Sidney Friend & Bro., was 63 tons and valued at $4600, on which there was an insurance of $4025, and $400 on the outfits, in the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Office.


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