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The Modesa L. Jarauld


January 19, 1877

Sch. Modena S. Jerauld left this port Nov. 25th, and left Eastport for LaHave Banks the 30th, since which time there have been no tidings of her.
She had a crew of eleven men, viz.:

Charles P. Mitchell, master, leaves a widow and two children in this city
Edward Haines, leaves a widow and two children
John Haines, single, brother to Edward
Michael Keefe, leaves a widow and one child
Freeman Snow, leaves a widow
William Snow, single, brother to Freeman
Edward Deering, leaves a widow and three children
B. D. Joyce
Lewis D. Martin, leaves a widow
Emanuel Rose, single
Daniel Gardner,

The vessel was owned by Messrs. D. C. & H. Babson, was 70.34 tons, valued at $5300, on which there was an insurance of $3900 in the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Ins. Office.


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