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The Lizzie J. Greenleaf


Sch. Lizzie J. Greenleaf, 88.10 tons, built at Essex in 1887, left port December 28 1896 on a fresh halibut trip and never returned. She was last spoken by sch. Alva January 11, 1897 and is supposed to have foundered in the gale of January 26 on Banquereau, going down with all on board.  She was owned by Capt. Nathaniel Greenleaf, and valued at $7500, being insured for $3232 on the vessel and $1700 on the outfits by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company.
Her crew list was as follows:

Peter Erickson,master, native of Sweden, 28, married, leaves widow and one child
William Paris, cook, 44, native of Deer Island, Me.
Harry Olson, 36, native of Norway, leaves widow
Patrick Fitzgerald, 27, native of St. Johns, N. F.
Thomas O'Neil, 34, native of St. Johns, N. F.
William Mulcaha, 25, native of St. Johns, N. F.
John Easlin, 25, native of Finland
William Wahlstein, 27, native of Finland
William J. Leary, 28, a native of this city
George Lawson, 28, native of Norway
David Hamm, 34, native of Lunenburg, N. S.
Joseph Martin, 38, born in Waterford, Ireland
Robert Bangy, 26, born at Lockeport, N. S.
John Dee, 19, native of Placentia Bay, N. F.
George Walsh, 20, native of Placentia Bay, N. F.
William Flynn,
28, native of Placentia Bay, N. F.
William Burgess, 20, born at Heart's Content, Trinity Bay, N. F.
August Michaud, a native of Paris, France


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