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The Hustler


Sch. Hustler, 97.62 tons gross and 92.74 tons net tonnage, built in Essex in 1889, sailed September 5 1897 on a Bank codfishing trip. The vessel put into Holyrood, N. F., October 10, for bait, and was supposed to have gone down in the gale of October 19. She is reported to have been seen November 22 by the crew of sch. Alva 25 miles southeast of Sable Island, bound home with a full fare, and the opinion is held by many that she was run down by an ocean steamer.
Valued with her outfits at $7500 and insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co., for $4400 on the vessel and $1700 on the outfits.
She carried a crew of 14 men, as follows:

Andrew McFadden, master, 33, native of Port Hastings, N. S.
John D. Morrison, cook, 50, native of River Inhabitants, N. S., leaves widow and nine children
Patrick Poor, 26, native of Straits of Canso, N. S., leaves widow and one child
Allan McDonald, 35, native of Port Hood, C. B.
James Edwards, 23, native of Lawn, N. F.
William Rose, 21, native of Port au Basque, N. F.
John A. McDonald, 37, native of Little Harbor, P. E. I.
Michael B. Mackey, 23, native of bear Island, C. B.
Malcolm Matheson, 32, native of Montague, P. E. I.
Patrick Flynn, 45, native of St. John's N. F.
Edward Sparrow, 25, native of Carbonear, N. F.
Andrew Ryan, 22 on Burin, N. F.
John P. Ryan, brother of Andrew, 24
Fred Scott, 21, native of Channel, N. F.

Augustus McEachern left the vessel at Cape Broyle, N. F., while she was in there previous to her last baiting and this saved his life.  Edward Sparrow of sch. S. P. Willard of this port, took his place aboard the Hustler.


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