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The Anne and Mary


Sch. Anne and Mary, 72.29 tons gross and 68.68 tons net tonnage, built in Essex in 1881, sailed from port October 1, 1897 on a Georges handline trip. She put into South West harbor, Me., about the middle of the same month for bait, and was probably lost in one of the severe gales which occurred in November, as no further tidings of her were ever received. The vessel was owned by her master, John E. Sigsworth, and was valued at $4500 and insured by the china Mutual Insurance Company for $2700 on the vessel and $800 on the outfits. Her crew list is as follows:

John E. Sigsworth, master, 55 years, native of Prince Edward's Island, left widow and one daughter in this city, was a member of Tyrian Lodge of Masons, and had been fishing from this port for 39 years, most of the time as master
Adam Head, steward, 62 years, widower, leaves three sons and a daughter
Lyman Gerring, 35, native of Nova Scotia, leaves widow and one child in this city
Peter Roberts, 57, native of Ingonish, C. B., leaves widow
John Ryan, 45, native of Sand Point, N. S., leaves widow and three children
David Campbell, 55, native of Prince Edward Island, leaves widow and four children
Lemuel Cantelo, 35, native of Prince Edward Island
John Nelson, 35, native of Sweden
Frank Calder, 38, native of Eastport, Me.
Augustus Gustafson, 42, native of Sweden
Frank Small, 55, native of Eastport, Me.
Herbert Spinney, 27, native of Nova Scotia
William H. Phillips, 58, native of South Berwick, Me.


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