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The John E. McKenzie


Sch. John E. McKenzie, 130.83 tons gross and 124.34 tons net tonnage, built in Essex in 1893, and owned by Hugh Parkhurst & Co., and her master, Capt. Andrew McKenzie, left port October 12 1897 for a fresh halibut trip to the Grand Banks. The vessel was spoken a few days before the severe gale of November 12 and 13 and is supposed to have foundered in that gale. The schooner was one of the largest of the fleet and was manned by a picked crew, several having sailed as masters of other vessels. Capt. McKenzie came to Gloucester at the age of 17, and was among the most successful masters in the Iceland halibut and Newfoundland herring fisheries, his stock for the past nine years being $170,515.58.
The schooner was valued at $13.000 and was insured by the China Mutual Insurance Company for $7000 and $2000 on outfits.
Her crew list was as follows:

Andrew McKenzie,master, 42, of East Point, P. E. I., leaves widow and 3 children
Joseph Rowe, cook, 35, native of Bay Bulls, N. F., leaves widow
Michael Gallant, 30, native of Tignish, P. E. I., leaves widow and three children
Charles Campbell, 28, native of East Point, P. E. I.
David Campbell, 35, native of Port Hawkesbury, C. B.
James Ross, or Rossiford, 55, native of Wexford, Ireland
James Leonard, 55, widower, of Manaduir, C. B., a resident of Danvers
John A. McDonald, 35, native of Cape North, C. B.
Daniel Ellsworth, 28, native of Green Vale, P. E. I.
Angus McIsaac, 30, native of Corduroy River, N. F.
Archibald McDonald, 38, cousin of the captain, native of P. E. I.
Thomas Lynch,
30, native of Harbor grace, N. F.
John Edes, 28, native of Norway
John Peterson, 35, native of Sweden
Augustus Nelson, 39, native of Holmstead, Sweden
Christian Closson, 49, native of Denmark


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