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The Pioneer


October 13, 1893

The sch. Pioneer sailed on a Georges trip August 2, and will have been absent ten weeks to-morrow, and it is probable that she foundered in the gale during the latter part of the same month.
She carried a crew of twelve men, her crew list being as follows:

Charles Anderson, master, a native of Sweden, 53 years, leaves three orphan children
Thomas Stockelberg,
cook, 61, leaves nine orphan children
Charles Rush, 32, leaves widow and one child
Edward Peale, 44, leaves widow and seven children in Sweden, he intending to return home to that country after the present trip
Colin McVicker, 44, leaves widow and three children in Port Medway, Nova Scotia
Andrew Matterson, a native of Finland, 38, single
Martin Olsen, a native of Sweden, 28, single
Otto Lend, 25, single
John Asplund, 22, a Swede, single
Charles Lafvolm, single, a Swede, 25
Paul Salstrom, single, 51, native of Sweden
Charles Ross, single, a native of Sweden

The Pioneer was a vessel of 66.19 tons, built in Essex in 1874, and was owned by Daniel Allen & Son. She was insured for $1960 on vessel and outfits by the Boston Marine Insurance Co. 


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