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The Edith M. Pew


February 5, 1882

Sch. Edith M. Pew lost on a Georges haddocking trip. Built in this city in 1880, and owned by Messrs. John Pew & Son.  Insured by Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co., crew of thirteen lost:

William Corliss, master, widow and three children
Martin Moran, widow and three children
Samuel Byers, widow and child
Murdoch White, widow and three children
Martin (or Andrew) Conley, widow and two children
Michael Norton, widow and two children
Charles Lawson, widow and child
Keaton Roderick
John Tylor,
John Lee Vanance, widow
Martin Lewis
Bartholomew Ryan
William Davis
Hugh Phalen,
single, the support of a mother and sister

By many it is thought that this vessel and the Paul Revere collided during the storm and went down together.


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