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The Paul Revere


February 5, 1882

Sch. Paul Revere lost on Georges haddocking trip, supposed by collision with the Edith M. Pew. Built in this city in 1875, owned by Capt. Andrew Leighton. Insured by Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co.
Crew lost:

John Bently, master, widow and four children
Martin Thomas, widow and nine children
Henry Lufkin, widow and three children
Fred. Scott, widow
Patrick Durant, widow and four children
Patrick Kennedy, widow and six children
Martin Costello, widow and adult children (father-in-law to Capt. Bently)
James Fitzgerald, widow and three children
Andrew (or Martin) Conley, widow and five children
John Francis, widow and one child
Joseph Simmons, widow and five children
Patrick Nye, widow
Michael Naughton
Michael King


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