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The Sigfrid


December 13, 1900

Sch. Sigfrid is Given up To-day by Her Owners
Carried a Crew of Thirteen Men

Gloucester's tribute to the storms of October and November is one vessel, with her crew of thirteen hardy fishermen. Sch. Sigfrid sailed from this port September 14, and will never return. The craft was given up this morning by her owners, Messrs. Cunningham & Thompson

Weeks of mingled doubt and hope and fear have at last given way to the settled conviction that craft and crew are gone forever. Doubt and fear are past, hope is dead and the weary watchers no more look seaward for the lost loved ones. The sea has claimed them for his own and against the name of the ill-fated craft is written that brief sentence, poignant with sorrow, "Lost with all hands."

Far too familiar indeed these words are to Gloucester folk, but they form a sentence to which the senses have never become dulled or hardened, and each time it is used, a thrill of horror and feeling of mingles sadness and sympathy moves through the whole community.

Under command of Capt. Alexander Frazier, a capable and successful master mariner, the schooner sailed form here September 14, bound on a deck handline codfishing trip to Quero bank. She was manned by a good crew of 12 men beside the skipper, and was fitted for a nine weeks voyage.

Since leaving this port nothing has been heard or seen of the vessel. She has disappeared as if swallowed up. At no port has she touched and by no vessel has she been spoken, sighted or reported since she turned Eastern Pointe outward bound, September 14. It is the general opinion that she foundered in one of the heavy October or November gale.

It is reported that just before the vessel sailed, John Frazier, a brother of the master, went aboard and went out in the vessel. The crew list was as follows:

Capt. Alexander Frazier, master, 38, single, native of Port Hastings, C. B., where he leaves a father and brother.
Patrick Hubbard, 34, steward, native of Ireland, widower, leaves two adult children
Renney Dennis, native of France, married, leaves widow at 10 Bass avenue
John McClennan, single, native of St. Ann's, C. B.
Lewis Gosbee, 37, single, native of Canso, N. S., resided at 45 Duncan street
John Frazier, brother of the master, 32, single, boarded at 317 Main Street
Patrick Shannahan, 59, native of Ireland, leaves widow and two children
James A. Townsend, 50, native of Louisburg, C. B.,  widower, leaves one daughter
William Mahoney, 45, single, belonged in Salem, and was a brother of Jeremiah T. Mahoney, Esq. register of probate
John A. Conway, alias John Highland, 58, native of Guysboro, N. S., leaves a widow and eight children, most of whom are grown up, one being in the navy. Conway was one of the best known of the older fishermen sailing from this port, and in his prime, was one of the strongest men in the city
Charles Noble, native of Nova Scotia, leaves a widow and three children
Martin Benson, 64, native of Sweden, where le leaves widow
Benjamin Nelson, 37, native of Sweden, leaves a widow and two step-children in this city

The Sigfrid was 76.54 tons gross, 51.28 tons net, built in Essex in 1882, and owned by Cunningham & Thompson. She was valued at $2100 and insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company for $1209 on the vessel and $800 on the outfits.


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