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1st - Charles Llewellyn, 24, native of Port Medway, N. S., single, and Burns Moody, 22, native of Port Matoun, N. S., single, two of the crew of the sch. Edith S. Walen, went astray from the vessel in a snow storm, while attending their trawls on the Cape Shore.

9th - Sch. Henry N. Woods goes ashore at Lockport, N. S., while on a voyage from Prince Edward's Island with a cargo of potatoes. Crew saved.

14th - Gregory Frazier, 31, a native of Harbor Bouche, N. S., single, one of the crew of sch. Alva, capsized in his dory on grand Banks. His companion, Charles Gallagher, succeeded in getting on the bottom of the overturned dory and was rescued. Frazier enlisted in the navy during the Spanish-American war and served with Dewey at Manila after the great battle.

27th - Sch. Charles A. Atwood of Lynn founders off Milk Island, crew rowed ashore. Ernest Nickerson, 30, native of this city, single, washed overboard from sch. Quickstep, on the passage to Quero Bank.

29th - James Tarrio, alias Clarence Daniels, 25, native of Arichat, C. B. single, washed overboard from sch. Pythian, on Georges.

30th - Sch. Eliza H. Parkhurst narrowly escapes being run down by steamer off Sable Island.


1st - Steamer City of Gloucester damaged in collision on Boston.

3rd - Thomas E. Reed and Ephraim Muise have narrow escape from injury by breaking of boom on lighter Eagle.

5th - Thomas Hogan, 50, native of Newfoundland, single, washed overboard from sch. Triton on Brown's bank.

10th - Arthur Crowell, 22, native of Shelburne, N. S., single washed overboard from sch. Annie Greenlaw on Georges.

18th - John Anderson, native of Sweden, single and John Nickerson, 36, single, native of Norway, drowned on Grand Bank by the swamping of their dory in a snow squall.

25th - John Goodwin, 35, native of Iceland, single, one of the crew of the sch. Elenora, drowned on Grand Banks, by the capsizing of his dory. His dorymate was able to cling to the overturned boat and was rescued.

26th - Leslie Smith, 21, native of Cape Sable, N. S., single, washed overboard from sch. Nereid on Georges.


1st - Sch. Mondego went ashore at Nausett, Cape Cod, and was a total loss. The crew of 18 men were saved by the men from the life saving station.

2nd - Sch. M. S. Ayer arrives from Georges in sinking condition.

4th - William Delaney, 28, native of Cape Breton, single, thrown overboard by a lurch of sch. Hattie A. Heckman, on Georges.

5th - Capt. Magnus Peterson, 40, native of Sweden, master of sch. Lorna Doone washed overboard on Georges. Left a widow and five children.

13th - Frank White falls 25 feet at Bishop's ship yard but escapes injury.


6th - Thomas Doody, 31, native of Kettle Island, N. F., single, and George Campbell, 50, native of Nova Scotia, two of the crew of sch. Niagra, went astray from their vessel on Quero bank while visiting their trawls, and were never heard from. Campbell leaves a widow. Henry Lupas, 45, native of Newfoundland, and Welch Crowell, 22, single, native of Cape Sable, two of the crew of sch. Electa A. Eaton, strayed from the vessel in a fog on Quero bank while tending their trawls and were never heard from. Lupas left a widow and two children.

9th - Wilfred Swim, 21, native of Clara's Harbor, N. S., single, one of the crew of sch. Nereid, drowned on LaHave Bank by the capsizing of their dory. Bradford Lowe, his companion, clung to the bottom of the dory and was rescued in an unconscious condition.

16th - Sch. Quickstep engaged in the halibut fishery, wrecked at Arichat, C. B.; crew saved.

22nd - Capt. George Thomas and crew of sch. Lucy E. Friend save crew of yacht in Portland harbor.


11th - Capt. William C. Whitman, 58, native of Guysboro, N. S., master of sch. Mary E. Webb, died of heart disease on board the vessel, off Newport. He was a widower and left one son.

15th - Louis Babine, 42, native of Tusket, N. S., died at Sydney, C. B., from an attack of the grip having been landed there from sch. William E. Morrissey. Left widow and one child.

22nd - George M. Strahan, 26, native of Wood's Harbor, N. S., single, one of the crew of sch. Alva, died at Halifax, N. S. of hemorrhage of the lungs. During the Spanish-American war he served in the navy as an ordinary seaman.


6th - Daniel McCaferey, 27, native of Newfoundland, drowned in Boston by falling overboard while attempting to board sch. Nellie Dixon at T Wharf.


8th - Sch. Mary Story engaged in handline codfishing, run down and sunk on Brown's Bank by the coasting sch. Fred Gower. Three of the crew drowned , Charles Sears, the steward, 50, native of Wood;s Harbor, N.S., left widow and five children, Angus Sears, his nephew, 22, native of Wood;s Harbor, N. S., left widow, and John H. Wagner, 45, native of West Berlin, N. S., left widow.


Roderick Chisholm, 55, native of Nova Scotia, single, died at Woods Hole in August, from appendicitis, having been landed there from sch. Agnes Downes.

17th - Alex McLoud one of the crew of sch. Hattie and Lottie of Provincetown, 45, native of Cape Breton, single, found drowned in the dock at Fears wharf, having apparently accidentally fallen overboard.

20th - John Joy, one of the crew of sch. Nereid, native of Newfoundland, single, found drowned in the dock at Parkhurst's wharf.

28th - Capt. John C. Mills, master of sch. Kearsarge, died on board the vessel off Mt. Desert, Me., from paralysis. He was a native of Carver's Harbor, Me., 38, and leaves a widow.


12th - Julian Landry, native of Pubnico, N. S., single washed overboard from sch. Columbia, on grand Bank.

13th - Joseph Smith, 39, native of Sluice Point, N. S. , single, washed overboard from sch. Maud M. Story on Western Bank. leaves widow.


2nd - Barge Edward Eason wrecked on Salvages, off Rockport. Crew saved..

5th - Sloop Ethel wrecked on Salvages, off Rockport, and went to pieces. Crew saved.

10th - British sch. Wawbeck capsizes off Thatcher's Island.

11th - Sch. A. R. Crittenden, engaged in the haddock fishery, went ashore at Whitehead, N. S., and proved a total loss. Crew saved. Wallace White, 20, native of Tusket, N. S., single, washed overboard from sch. Mystery on Grand Bank.

16th - Sch. William C. Norcross wrecked at Rockport.

27th - Sch. Mary P. Mosquita run down by Cunard steamer Saxonia in Boston Bay and one of the crew, Alfred Brown, 38, a native of the Azores, was caught in the rigging at the time of the collision and was killed, leaving a widow and two children.

Sch. Sigfrid lost with crew of thirteen men.


10th - William T. Smith, 36, native of this city, single, one of the crew of sch. Amos Cutter, capsized in his dory while tending his trawls nine miles off Eastern Point.


5th - Sch. Mary A. Brown lost off Hampton Beach, with crew of five men. Enoch Johnson, 30, native of Sweden, single, washed overboard from sch. Nannie C. Bohlin, on Grand Banks.

9th - Fred. Walton of Rockport rescued by Capt. Samuel G. Perkins while drifting out to sea.

10th - Frank Aprel, 37, single, native of St. Malo, France, was washed overboard from sch. Dauntless off Canso on the passage to Newfoundland.

11th - Sch. Ellen F. Gleason rescues crew of British sch. B. C. Borden.

12th - Sch. Mansur B. Oakes goes ashore on Dog Bar breakwater.

13th - Sch. Sigfrid given up.



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