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13th - Capt. Eldred H. Spinney, 38, native of Argyle, N. S., master of sch. Harvester, washed overboard form the vessel off Cape Sable, left widow and three children.

18th - Sch. Harriet W. Babson went ashore on Ram Island, near Boothbay, Me., on the passage home from Newfoundland with salt herring. Crew saved.

26th - Joseph Slavey and Oliver Johnson, natives of Newfoundland, went astray from sch. James R. Clark on Middle Bank.


1st - Samuel Smith, 46, native of Clark's Harbor, N. S., widower, one of the crew of sch. Harvester, died at Churchover, N. S. George F. Newcomb, 42, native of Wellfleet, single, one of the crew of sch. Meteor, fell from wharf to the deck of sch. Matthew Keaney, and was killed.

7th - Augustus Frelick, 18, native of Liverpool, N. S., single, one of the crew of sch. Meteor, washed overboard off Thatcher's Island.

25th - Ernest Allen, 22, native of Newfoundland, single, one of the crew of sch. Braganza, died of pneumonia as the vessel was entering the harbor form a haddocking trip.

27th - Alexander Ryan, 23, and Harvey Nickerson, 23, natives of Canso, N. S., both single, went astray in their dory from sch. Emma and Helen on Quero Bank.


16th - D______ Welch, 35, native of Bay Bulls, N. F., single, Bernard Carter, 25, native of Witless Bay, N. F., single, Ernest Connors, 28, native of Lawn, N. F., single, and John Oliver, 21, native of Little Canso, N. S., single, washed overboard from sch. Independence off Barcarro, N. S.

17th - Edward Doggert, 25, native of Liverpool, N. S., single, one of the crew of sch. Almeida, died of Pneumonia at Cape Porpoise, Me.


6th - Sch. Gloriana went ashore at White Point, near Canso, N. S. Three of the crew managed to reach shore, but 15 men drowned.

27th - Edwin Goodwin, native of Argyle, N. S., and William Strickland, native of Newfoundland, single, two of the crew of sch. Helen F. Whitten, drowned off Bryan Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence, by capsizing of their dory. Goodwin left widow and two children.


27th - Peter Muise, 35, native of Tusket, N. S., and David Allen, 32, native of Port Medway, N. S., two of the crew of sch. Valkyrie, drowned on Grand Bank by the capsizing of their dory. Allen was a widower and left two children and Muise left a widow and one child.


6th - John Yetman, 25, native of St. Mary's Bay, N. F., killed by Capt. Frank Woolard on board sch. Helen F. Whitten at Cape Broyle, N. F. Capt. Woolard was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 16 years imprisonment.


7th - Capt. Daniel A. Cogill, 49, native of Guysboro, N. S., died at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, left widow and three children.

26th - Michael Drew, 38, native of Nova Scotia, single, one of the crew of sch. Agnes V. Gleason, found in the dock dead.


16th - Sch. George F. Edmunds went ashore at Pemaquid Point, Me. Two lives saved, one named John Lewis, fifteen men lost.

25th - Matthias Muise, native of Tusket Wedge, N. S., single, washed from the bowsprit of sch. Valkyrie.


8th - Charles Peary, 39, native of Arichat, C. B., and William Hare, 21, native of Burgeo, N. S., both single, drowned off Scateri Island by the capsizing of their dory.


24th - Sch. Anglo Saxon went ashore on Noddy Island, N. S. and sunk after being got off by her crew while bound for Yarmouth, N. S., while on a Banks halibuting trip. Crew saved. Michael Doe, 32, single, native of Great Placentia, N. F., washed overboard from sch. Aleina, Boston Bay.


15th - Steamer Alice M. Jacobs, the only steamer employed in the Atlantic coast fishery, went ashore at Cape Ray, N. F., in consequence of losing her propeller, while on a frozen herring voyage to Newfoundland. Crew saved.

21st- Sch. Navahoe went ashore at Port Dufferin, N. S., while engaged in the haddock fishery. Crew saved.

26th - John Lewis, 29, native of Provincetown, single, and Alexander Terry, 40, native of Chatham, single, two of the crew of sch. Allan H. Jones, perished in their dory in a snow storm off Minot's light. Lewis was one of the survivors of the wreck of sch. George F. Edmunds.



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