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The George F. Edmunds


Sch. George F. Edmunds, 149.27 tons gross, 110.31 tons net, built in Essex in 1887 and owned by Capt. Willard G. Pool, went ashore at Pemaquid Point, Me., September 16, 1903 while engaged in mackerel seining fishery, and went to pieces.  Valued with outfits at $10,000 and insured by the China Mutual Insurance Company for $8500. Four of the crew attempted to reach the shore for assistance, but their boat was overturned in the breakers and only two saved their lives, the remaining 15 men of the crew, including the master, being drowned, as follows:

Willard G. Pool, master, 64, native of Damariscotta, Me., left widow and two children
Simon Delorey, cook, 42, native of Wellfleet, left widow
Clayton Spinney, 36, native of Argyle, N. S., left widow and three children
Antoine G. Herstrom, 34, native of Sweden, left widow and one child
William Hickey, 52, native of Maine, left widow and two children
William R. Parks, 48, native of Canso, N. S., left widow and four children
Reinard Peterson, 37, native of Norway, left widow
Peter Merchant, 48, native of Arichat, N. S., single
Horace E. Taylor of Attleboro, 52, native of East Harwich, widower
John F. Pool, of Rockport, 48, single
Lewis R. Perry, 30, native of Barrington, N. S., single
Charles A. Parsons, 40, native of this city, single
Mannel Lopez, 25, native of Pico, Western Islands, single
Arthur Evans, 22, native of English Harbor, Fortune Bay, N. F., single
Peter Richards, 24, native of Arichat, N. S., single


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