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1st - Morris Cummings, 40, of N. F. , washed overboard at Whitehead from sch. Smuggler.

24th - Olaf Abrahamson, 45, native of Norway, and Martin Nelson, 48, native of Sweden, two of the crew of sch. Paragon, were drowned on Quero bank, by their dory being capsized or swamped. Abrahamson left a widow and seven children, and Nelson a widow and one daughter.

30th - Edward Severson, also known as Hanson, 45, native of Sweden, single, and Charles Edwards, also known as Peterson, 45, old, native of Norway, single, two of the crew of sch. Florence E. Stream, drowned on Quero bank by the swamping of their dory..


6th - John Ribiero, 22, of Lisbon, Portland, single, one of the crew of sch. Thalia, drowned on Jeffries bank, by swamping of his dory.


2nd - Charles Sutherland, 43, of Stockholm, Sweden, one of the crew of sch. Juno washed overboard form the vessel, on Quero bank and drowned, left a widow and one child.

7th - John O'Brien, 34, of Nova Scotia, lost from sch. John M. Keene, off Pensacola while boarding his vessel at night.


27th - Sch. Niagara engaged in fresh halibut fishery, struck on the Southeast Breaker in entering the harbor of Canso, N. S. in a fog and was a total loss, going to pieces before the following day. The crew rowed ashore in their boat.


9th - Charles Walters, 42, native of Lunenburg, N. S., one of the crew of sch. John R. Bradley, died on Quero bank, left widow and two children.


1st - Richard Walsh, 35, of N. F. and Thomas Babine, 28, of N. F. lost off Quero, from sch. Rob Roy. Walsh left a widow and family and Babine was single.

4th - Edward Beck, 25, of N. F. lost from sch. Agnes off Portland, Me

29th - Edward McNamara, 29, of Gloucester, one of the crew of sch. M. Madeline, fell overboard on a shacking trip and drowned, left widow and two children at Rockport.


8th - Thomas Foley, 30, of Placentia, and Jeremiah Sutton, 30, of Hermitage Bay, N. F., two of the crew of sch. Arethusa drowned on Grand bank by the swamping of their dory.

16th - Joseph Manuel Carlz, 55, of the Azore islands, master of sch. Mattie Winship, died in the Victoria hospital, Halifax, left widow and one son.

21st - Leon DesGeorge, 37, of Paris France, died of heart disease off West Bank from sch. Paragon


2nd - Antone Souza, 28, of the Azores, of sch. Mary DeCosta went astray on Jefferies while tending his trawls and never heard from.


9th - Sch. Pet, off Provincetown lost Willis Parsons, 24, of Conception Bay, having walked off the wharf in the darkness in going aboard his vessel.
Charles Sears, 22, of Woods Harbor, N. S. one of the crew of sch. Good Luck found dead in his berth soon after leaving Boston on a haddocking trip.


9th - Andrew Olsen, 44, of Norway, died at Liverpool, N. S. of apoplexy, from sch. Grayling

11th - Manuel F. Rose, 40, of the Western islands, lost off Georges from sch. Bebina P. Domingoes by the upsetting of his dory. Left widow and children.

29th - Sch. Theodore Roosevelt, off Pubnico, lost Morris Muise, 18, of Surettes Island, Nova Scotia, who fell overboard from the vessel at Pubnico, N. S.


10th - John Muise, 23, of Surettes Island, Nova Scotia, lost off West Bank from sch. Effie M. Prior while baiting trawls.


5th - William Dailey, 44, of Maine, one of the crew of sch. Thalia, thrown overboard by the slatting of the sail on Middle bank.
Capt. Thomas Bohlin, 55, of Norway, master of sch. Constellation, died at Birchy Cove, N. S., of kidney trouble while on a voyage for frozen herring, left widow and two children.

15th - Alexander Scott, 45, lost off Jefferies from sch. Evelyn L. Thompson

30th - Charles Swanson, 50, single, native of Sweden, was washed overboard form sch. Mooween and drowned before assistance could reach him.



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