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Sch. Northern Eagle lost eight men in the Gulf of Mexico; Barney Conrad, 30,of Port Medway, N.S.; Thomas Cronin, 42, of Ireland; Conrad Hibbert, 43, of Port Medway; Roger Lord, 50, of Maine; Stanley Ryan, 35, Nova Scotia; Norman Sponagle, 43, of Dublin, N. S.; Arthur Smith, 42, of England; and Edgar Teal, 30, of Port Medway

16th - William R. Ballen, 20, of Conception Bay, lost from sch. Elmer E. Gray off Liscomb, N. S.

19th - William McLarren, 35, of Argyle, N. S., and Jerome Steele, of Rock Barra, P. E. I., lost from sch. Preceptor off Green Bank

20th - George Crowell, 36, of Clark's Harbor, lost from sch. Mary E. Webb, off Thatcher's. Lawrence Merchant, 21, of Arichat, lost from sch. Fannie Keen off Cape Elizabeth, Me

23rd - Alfred Green, 40, of Arichat, lost from sch. Yatima off Brown's Bank


1st - Russell Grouse, 35 , and Stephen Burns, 30, both of Liverpool, N. S. lost off Cape Shore from sch. Speculator

4th - Ambrose Connors, 60, of Nova Scotia, lost from sch. Arthur D. Story off Georges Bank. Robert Leonard, 35, of East Boston, Ma, ; and John Stoping, 38, of Heligoland, Germany lost from sch. Theodore Roosevelt off Georges Bank

7th - Sch. Mary T. Fallon off Middle Bank, loses Benjamin Raymond, 30, of Nova Scotia

27th - Sven Larson, 58, of Sweden; Paul Williams 55, of Germany, and Sylvine Landry, 23, of Tusket Wedge, N. S. are all lost off Quero from sch. Waldo L. Stream


7th - Sch. Kineo, off Georges Bank, loses Augustus Swinson, 58, of Sweden

8th - ________ Tibbard, 30, of Nova Scotia, lost from sch. Smuggler off Quero

15th - Lawrence Kelley, 39, of N. F., lost from sch. Mystery off Georges

18th - Pictou native John Bailey, 43, is lost off Georges from sch. Cecil H. Low

23rd - Michael Lynch, 33, a native of Newfoundland, is lost from sch. Cynthia off Boon Island

30th - Sch. Lydia loses Wilson Spinney, of Argyle, N. S., off Useless Bay


17th - Patrick Cocoran, 35, and Michael White, 30, both of Newfoundland, are lost from sch. Massachusetts off St. Peter's Bank

19th - Sch. Niagra, off Quero, lost Charles Peterson, 43, of Denmark


5th - Fred Frazier, 45, of Nova Scotia, lost from sch. Mabel D. Hines off North Sydney

19th - Thomas Whifen, 27, of N. F. lost from sch. Slade Gorton off Newport, R. I.

27th - Sch. Fame is run down off Cashes by Steamer Boston, eighteen of the crew are lost. Sch. Monitor lost Jacob Jennings (or Jenson) of Harbor Breton, N. F. off Bacalieu.


1st - Vincent Dillon, 27, of Witless Bay, N. F. lost off Cape Shore from sch. Senator

8th - Sch. Maggie and May run down off Le Harve Bank by German schoolship Freya. Eight men lost. Coleman Townsend, of Lockport, lost off Louisburg from sch. Maxine Elliot

31st - Sopus Olson (23) and John Nelson (45) , of Norway lost from sch. Essex off Bacalieu. Sch. Catherine Burke lost Eugene Burke of Tusket Wedge off the South Channel


2nd - Edward Fitzpatrick, 30, of Placentia Bay, lost in South Channel from sch. Conqueror. Frederick Blatchford, 45, of Gloucester, lost from sch. Constellation off Pensacola, Fl


8th - Henry F. Greel, of Waldboro, Me, lost from sch. Nautilus off Pensacola, Fl

12th - Sch. Susan and Mary off the West Bank, lost Ephraim Nickerson, 22 of Pubnico, N. S.


5th - Frank Burke, 26, of P. E. I.., and William DeCoste, 52, of Arichat, lost off West Bank from sch. Atlanta

12th - Edward Harding, Bay of Islands, N.F., Samuel Way, Newfoundland, and Fred Humphrey, Bay of Islands, N. F., three fishermen shipped on board sch. Dauntless at Bay of Islands for a salt herring trip, and left the schooner in their boat, and were never heard from, their boat having probably foundered, a portion of the rudder being picked up.

26th - Charles L. O'Brien drowned at Pensacola, Fla., in attempting to board his vessel. He was a member of Star of the Sea lodge, Fishermen's Benevolent Association.

28th - Sch. Vera, off Canso, lost Joseph Marr, 28, and Frank Bansfield, 30, both of N. F. 


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