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12th - Theodore LeBlanc, (alias White) 45, single, of Pubnico, washed overboard from sch. Mattakeesett of which his brother was master, off Highland light.

19th - Louis Valant, 21, of Lisbon, Portugal, knocked overboard from sch. Ramona by the slatting of the mainsail off Thatcher's Island.

26th - Jethro Messanger, 38, one of the crew of sch. Pontiac drowned on Middle bank by the capsizing of his dory in a squall. Left widow and one child in Malden.


2nd - Thomas Hines, 38, native of Pubnico, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Joseph H. Cromwell went astray form the vessel while hauling his trawls.

18th - Oscar Johnson, 21, of Sweden, fell overboard from sch. Kineo off Eastern Point, as the result of a misstep while reefing the mainsail.

19th - Capt. Willis M. Daggett, master of sch. Catherine Burke, 28 of White Point, near Liverpool, N. S., single, washed overboard from the schooner off Highland light.


2nd - Michael McDonald, 24, of Bay of Islands N. F., single, one of the crew of sch. Raymah drowned off Georges by the capsizing of his dory, his dorymate, William Goslin, being rescued in an exhausted condition.

13th - William F. Muise, 23, of Tusket, N. S. one of the crew of sch. Conquerer drowned off Georges by the capsizing of his dory after clinging to the bottom of the dory for two hours. His dorymate, also named William Muise, was rescued.

19th - Joseph Shaw, 28, of Argyle, single, one of the crew of sch. Athlete knocked overboard form the vessel on Bacalieu bank.


8th - James McDonald, 40, of Sand Point, N. S. ; John P. Anderson, 35, of Denmark, Owen Dauphney, 30, of St. Margaret's Bay ; Thomas White, 38, of Margaree, C. B., left widow and three children; Otto Youst, 30, native of Denmark, left widow and two children, and Warren Hutchings, 38, of Portland, Me., went astray from sch. Moorween off St. Peters bank in a fog and were never heard form.

9th - Lewis Wagner, 58, of Port Mouton, Me., fell overboard from sch. William H. Ryder on Georges, left widow and four children.

29th - Daniel Muise, 26, of Yarmouth, one of the crew of sch. Meteor drowned by falling overboard in boarding his dory after visiting a French bark off Quero bank.


24th - Walter Myers, 34, of N. F.one of the crew of sch. Smuggler, fell overboard from the vessel at St. Pierre, Miquelon, and drowned.

25th - Sch. Hattie M. Graham went ashore at Bauline Cove, near Louisburg, C. B., and proved a total loss; crew saved.

27th - Arthur Richard, 25, native of LaHave, N. S., single, one of the crew of of sch. Maxine Elliot drowned by the capsizing of his dory on Western Bank.


22nd - Capt. George Currie, 47, of Argyle, single, a master mariner but shipped on sch. Romance as a hand on a mackerel cruise, died suddenly of heart disease while steering the vessel off New Jersey coast.


11th - Sch. Corona lost two men, Alonzo Spinney, 35, of Argyle, and Edward Keefe, 22, of Placentia Bay , off the West Bank. Sch. Orinoco is lost off Sambo, N. S..

28th - Eugene Burke, 25, native of Tusket Wedge, N. S., single. fell overboard from sch. Catherine Burke in South Channel, while drawing a bucket of water.


Sch. Frances H. of Pensacola Fla., on a red snapper trip, is lost in the Gulf of Mexico. On board were: Bert Ryder, 50, of N. S., left a widow; Ezra Roberts, 40, of N. S.; Robert O'Brien, 50, of N. F.; John F. Groves, 60, of Wiscasset, Maine; and Thomas Forristall, 55, of N. S., left a widow.


12th - Arthur Everett, 40, native of Port Gilbert, N. S., single, drowned at Rockport by falling overboard while boarding the sch. boat Thistle.


12th - Andrew Fazen, or Fagin, of St. Joseph, N. F. one of the crew of sch. Almeida drowned off Cape Ann, and probably fell from his dory while reaching for his trawl buoy, left widow and two children in Malden.


1st - Sch. Henry M. Stanley went ashore at Birchy Cove, Bay of Islands, N. F., while on a salt herring trip. Crew saved.

20th - Sch. Dora A. Lawson went ashore at Canso, N. S., while on a deck handlining codfishing trip. Crew saved.



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