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The Orinoco



Sch. Orinoco, 120 tons gross, 85 tons net, built at Essex in 1902, and owned by the Gorton-Pew Fisheries Company, engaged in the salt bank trawl codfishery, capsized off Sambro, N. S., six of her crew being saved and 11 drowned. Valued with outfits at $12,000 and insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company for $6212 on the vessel and $3000 on the outfits. List of men lost:

William Muise, 29, native of Tusket Hill, N. S., single
Stephen DeLong, 37, left family at Tusket Hill, N. S.
Bernard Crowell, 24, native of Argyle, N. S.
William VanAmburg, 42, left family to Argyle, N. S.
Howard Whitehouse, cook, 47, left family at Argyle, N. S.
Wildey VanAmburg, 25, native of Argyle, F. S., single
William Hatfield, 38, left family at Argyle, N. S.
Charles Shaw, 13, native of Argyle, N. S.
John Muise, 36, married, native of Eel Brook, N. S.
Peter Welsh, 36, native of Placentia, N. F., single
John Welch, 21, native of Placentia, N. F., single, cousin of Peter Welsh.


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