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21st - Sch. Ella M. Goodwin lost in gale, with crew of ten men lost.

25th - John Porper, 48, single, native of St. Francis Harbor, N. S., and Thomas Babine, 32, native of West Arichat, C. B., leaves widow and five children, two of the crew of sch. Cavalier, drowned on Grand Bank by the swamping of their dory. The body of Babine was later recovered and given burial at sea.


5th - Hiram Ressor, 28, single, native of Lunenburg, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Gladys and Nellie was drowned by the swamping of his dory off Highland light.

9th - Fred Myatt, 24, single, native of Canso, N. S., and Howard Greencorn, 32, single, native of Canso, N. S., two of the crew of sch. Conquerer, went astray from the vessel in a snow squall off Cape Cod and were never heard from.

28th - Alfred Muise, 28, single, native of Tusket, N. S., was knocked overboard from sch. J. J. Faherty, while reefing the mainsail, while crossing the Bay of Fundy.


2nd - Calvin Mason, 45, single, native of Whitehead, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Susan and Mary, fell overboard while furling the mainsail when about 45 miles east of Thacher's Island, left widow residing at South Boston.

10th - Anthony Walker, 30, single, native of River Inhabitants, C. B., one of the crew of sch. Marsala, died on board the schooner on Georges from pneumonia.

14th - Capt. Charles E. Anderson, master, 38, native of Michigan City, Ind., left a widow; Ernest Anderson, brother of the master, 28, single, native of Terra Haute, Ind.; George Wiggin, 33, single, native of Charleviox, Mich.; and John Chambers, 47, native of Boothbay, Me., left widow, crew of gasoline boat Hope which was run down and sunk by sch. Hattie A. Heckman off Dogbar breakwater. Capt. Anderson and Chambers were taken off the wreckage of the boat, but could not be resuscitated.

20th - Sch. Colonial dragged on a ledge at Burgeo, N. F., while engaged in the halibut fishery, and sunk. Crew saved.

25th - John Williams, 30, native of Green Harbor, N. S., where he left a family , and Albert Hunt, 43, native of Lockeport, N. S., leaves family, two of the crew of sch. Rex drowned on Georges by the capsizing of their dory.


7th - Alexander Collins, 30, left widow, native of Prince Edward Island, and John Fortune, 19, single, native of Arichat, C. B., two of the crew of sch. George Campbell, went astray from the schooner and never heard from. Fortune was on his first fishing trip.

9th - Ernest Munroe, 20, native of Nova Scotia, left widow and three children, and Levi George, 30, native of Nova Scotia, single, two of the crew of sch. Victor and Ethan of Boston, drowned on LaHave Bank by the swamping of their dory.

25th - George Strahan, 52, native of Port Mulgrave, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Selma, died in the hospital at Vineyard Haven, of heart trouble. Left widow and three daughters.


1st - William Mason, 32, single, native of Vogler's Cove, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Virginia drowned off Liverpool, N. S., by his dory being run down by the schooner.


11th - Frank Silva, 35, single, native of Provincetown, one of the crew of sch. Ida S. Brooks, went astray form the vessel in South Channel.

17th - Louis Radant, 49, native of France, cook of the steamer Bessie M. Duggan, died of heart disease on board the vessel, while off the South Channel; left widow and four children in Lynn.


7th - Sch. Grayling wrecked on a ledge near Helsteinborg, Greenland while on a voyage for fletched halibut, and set on fire by the capsizing of the stove and burned. Crew saved.

28th - Thomas Barnes, 32, single, native of Newfoundland, washed overboard from sch. Yankee on South Shoal.
Capt. John Pettipas, master, 32, single, native of Arichat, N. S.; Lewis F. Turner, 37, single, native of this city; Thomas Smith, 46, single, native of Cape Negro, N. S.; Frank Dewey, 44, single, native of Portland, and Simeon LaBelle, 35, single, native of Arichat, C. B., crew of sch. Nokomis which was wrecked on Nantucket Shoals.

31st - Sloop boat Abbie A. Morton struck a ledge off Corhaven harbor, Me., and later rolled off and broke up. Crew saved.


3rd - James Goodwin, single, 35, native of Argyle, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Athena, went astray in his dory in South Channel in a fog. Capt. John A. Flygore, 46, native of Sweden, master of sch. Oregon, died in the hospital at Halsteinborg, Greenland, left widow.

17th - Duncan McDonald, 46, native of Arichat, C. B., left widow, and James Wilkie, 24, single, native of Arichat, C. B., two of the crew of sch. Miranda went astray from the vessel on Grand bank, while hauling their trawls.


3rd - Patrick Farley, 40, native of Newfoundland, left widow and four children, and Thomas Cloak, 45, single, native of Newfoundland, two of the crew of sch. Robert and Arthur, drowned in South Channel, by the upsetting of their dory.


1st - Peter Peterson, 32, single, native of Sweden, one of the crew of sch. Rebecca, went astray from the vessel in South Channel and was never heard from.

12th - Havelock Frost, 25, single, native of Argyle Sound, N. S., washed overboard from sch. Effie M. Prior off Cape Sable. Frank Whittle, 34, single, native of Newfoundland, one of the crew of sch. Buema, drowned in South Channel, by the capsizing of his dory.


1st - Sch. Florence dragged ashore on Annisquam bar and went to pieces. Crew saved. Sch. Susan and Mary struck a ledge off Point Allerton in entering Boston harbor, and proved a total loss. Crew saved.

7th - Alphonso Spofford, 45, single, native of Boothbay, Me., one of the crew of sch. Helen G. Wells, knocked overboard form the schooner while crossing the Bay of Fundy.

14th - Joseph Wharton, 53, native of Liverpool, N. S., single, fell off the wharf of William H. Jordan & Co., while boarding sch. Oriole and drowned. Capt. William M. Griffin, 58, native of Maine, left widow and five children, and Capt. Reuben Rafuse, 50, native of Pubnico, N. S., left widow and stepson; two of the crew of sloop J. F. McMorrow, were drowned off Thacher's Island while mackerel netting, probably by foundering of their dory.

17th - Sch. Alice R. Lawson lost with crew of eight men.


29th - Rupert Isner, 49, native of Nova Scotia, one of the crew of sch. Richard, was washed overboard from the schooner while crossing the Bay of Fundy; left widow and two children.



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